Starters are under 35 years can be difficult to buy a house in the major cities. The price increases the number of affordable houses for starters, here has diminished significantly. Especially young starters who are in their own buying and little savings bring, have little choice in the city and seem, therefore, rely on small towns and villages.

according to research by the ING Economic Bureau. “Cities which we expect that an alternative will be for the most cramped cities of Rotterdam, Den Haag, Dordrecht, Alphen aan den Rijn and Zoetermeer to Leiden. And Alkmaar to Amsterdam.”

“Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Amersfoort and Nijmegen are alternatives for the Utrecht and Tilburg to Eindhoven. Also will the starters more often choose a village or small town immediately around the cities. This movement is around Amsterdam and Utrecht are already clearly visible.”

are you planning to move to the smaller towns and still looking for a dream home? ING gives you tips on how your dream home can be realized.


Despite the fact that Amsterdam or Utrecht might be your preference, it is a good choice to divert to the smaller towns. Why? This has a lot of advantages.

Even in the smaller villages is often a thriving associational life, and along that road you have as a newcomer an excellent entrance to your villagers to get to know better. As you are on the street are greeted, you know that you are for them, not a real foreign more. So is your new house also more and more your new home.

Imagine this: you live finally in your new home. What sounds do you hear? If you are really quiet lives, though you will usually not be woongeluiden of the neighbors or traffic noise. But you can hear the singing (or chirping) birds, the rustling of tree leaves in the wind, or the croaking of a duck in the distance

There is already more green to enjoy. In the streets, but also in your own garden. If you love gardening, the maintenance is the least problem. Own vegetables grow? Put simply your own vegetable garden. A garden on the countryside is in most cases bigger than a city garden.

Whether you’re in the most expensive or the cheapest church of the Netherlands buy a house: ING helps you to find the right mortgage. A that really suits you. Come along for a free introductory meeting near you.