Enjoy the ultimate feel-good show of the new theatre season. Book your tickets now for MAMMA MIA! via NU.nl and receive a 10 euro per ticket. Valid for performances until 31 march 2019. Decemberactie:Order until 31 december tickets...
It takes a while for skating on natural ice, but it is december and that means a novice schaatskoorts. It is not always sure how well it will freeze, but there are a few artificial ice rinks in...
After almost 60 years of marriage Henry E. attacks according to the indictment, on a Monday morning to the castle and hammer strikes. Several times, the hammer head hits the skull of E. s wife Anneliese. Then...
FOOTBALL. A drop in the Blue The team of France is a spin-off from his little cloud, Friday, bowing for the first time since his world title. The Blues have been defeated in the netherlands (0-2), a setback...
That social networks are no no-go areas, has demonstrated the Augsburg district court with two Judgments. A pensioner and a 32-Year-old convicted of hate comments against refugees. The "Augsburger Allgemeine reported it". sedition and Propaganda ...
Yet another controversy for Facebook. The very serious New York Times has accused the first social network in the world to have orchestrated a smear campaign against its critics, including the billionaire-philantrope George Soros. In the night...
Contents page 1 — the Cup! Page 2 — A dark red sea pours into the bowl On a page 1961 depended on the New York Times Square read, at the corner of Broadway and 46. Road, a...


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Nad Therapy Center List Top Benefits

A new advanced therapy is making its way into rehab treatment centers and other medical facilities alike. The purpose behind the treatment is simple-...