A new study shows that reactivating the memories formed around substance use could provide a treatment for drug addiction. This might sound like something out of a science fiction novel but it’s actually based around the theory of classical conditioning...
Press Release - Jan 31, 2019 XYX Hemp publishes a list of important information regarding cancer and using CBD as a possible treatment. Unfortunately common cancer treatment includes expensive, toxic chemicals that kill cancer and cause havoc on the body. Up until very...
There is always that one person who walks into a room and attracts everyone’s attention then there’s others who seem to bring butter cutting tension and awkwardness no matter what they do or say. Well according to a new...
National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center is responsible for a rare multi-drug-resistant bacterium that flourished inside sinks for more than a decade, infecting more than a dozen patients, confirmed by a new report published by NIH scientist. Experts were able...
The Biathlon race over 20 kilometers, the men will be made up on Thursday morning from 10.15 am in front of the ladies-single (14.15/ARD and Eurosport). Biathlon: Live-Stream on ARDBiathlon: Live Stream on Eurosport Biathlon -...
Schumi III against Schumi IV in the formula 1 – because it would go a dream of thousands of Fans in the performance. The Cologne-based TV-station RTL, and on the Saturday (13 hours), and before...


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Nad Therapy Center List Top Benefits

A new advanced therapy is making its way into rehab treatment centers and other medical facilities alike. The purpose behind the treatment is simple-...