The last two witsnuitneusberen in Apenheul his death. The zoo in Apeldoorn, in consultation with the vet decided the aged animals to sleep.

Rico, and Nokia came out fourteen years ago in the Apenheul primate park, and before that they lived in a zoo in Costa Rica. At the time of arrival they were at least fifteen years old. According to Apenheul are coatis in the wild more than ten years.

The zoo had the torque on 14 november put to sleep, but this is only on Monday via a written statement by the Apenheul primate park published.

“Since half a year, their health and thus their quality of life greatly deteriorated rapidly,” according to the zoo. “Not for nothing did they do it for a long time quietly. The couple slept a lot and was only in action for a tasty snack.”

Coatis could run no more biting

The coatis could be the hard lumps that they enter were all the more biting. For that reason, decided to carers the run to weeks. Also, their nails regularly clipped, because it is not itself destroyed.

The predators saw very bad says Apenheul. “One of them was even almost blind and could see the road only on the scans.” The carers decided to neusberenverblijf of special course and climbing structures, so the animals independently for their night’s lodging could achieve.

Apenheul reports further that there is no new coatis to the park will come.

The animals, with a length of 80 to 130 centimetres, originally in the south of North America and in South America. They belong to the family of raccoons.