Actually, it’s supposed to be a harmless Deal: Saudi Arabia had led negotiations with the U.S. Department of energy. It went to the purchase of plans for nuclear power plants – in value of up to $ 80 billion. It was reported in the New York Times.

However, some fear in Washington, according to the paper, now, the Saudis could have, in truth, something quite different in mind: the construction of their own atomic bomb. On the other hand leads to citing sources, to be familiar with the conversations, some of the points that make suspicious.

So the Riad should have passed supposedly to produce its own nuclear fuel, even though the government could have these abroad cheaper in the long run. In the United States, there is therefore the concern that Saudi Arabia might use these nuclear fuel for a covert weapons project.

in Addition, crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who leads the negotiations for his country had declared, some time ago: If Saudi Arabia’s rival Iran developing a nuclear bomb, “we will follow suit as soon as possible.”

Saudis do not want inspectors

According to “New York Times” refused Riad also, a deal to sign after the UN inspectors in the country-free your investigations.

And: As the US Secretary of energy in March to be questioned in the Congress of the negotiations, he departed. Today is not a comment on the American government to demand the newspaper to the status of the talks.

In the United States, the distrust of the king’s house is large, especially after the assassination of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in Istanbul. To sell “you the aircraft is one thing. But it is quite another to sell them nuclear bombs or the ability to build this, is something, ” said Brad Sherman of the New York Times, democratic Congressman and a member of the Committee on international relations.

Saudi Arabia denied, in turn, to the newspaper any plans to build a nuclear bomb. The atomic energy programme of the country was intended solely for civilian purposes.