a Lot of people grab the christmas holidays as an opportunity to a christmas market to visit. Last year, a total of 3.6 million people, the festive markets. Where do visitors precisely for when they go to a christmas market?

the Netherlands has this year, at least 450 christmas events, including 260 christmas markets, according to a survey of Kerstmarkten.net. In reality there are more, but the editors have not all, explains Lars Hessels of the information q from.

Of all the christmas events is Magical Maastricht is the largest with 400,000 visits, followed by the christmas market in Dordrecht (375.000), Valkenburg (220.000), Lead (140.000) and Haarlem (125.000). That is, in a survey of kennisbureau Response.

A current trend in christmas events is that there are more large-scale festivals to come, such as, for example, the Amsterdam Paradise, says Hessels. “They have more attractions such as a skating rink, a ferris wheel or a merry-go-round. That is clearly different than a traditional christmas market with wooden chalets.”

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The traditional christmas market, a market with stalls selling local products and snacks, finds its origin in Germany. The decembermarkten arose out of necessity: by the wintery conditions it was the merchants rather tricky to use their were to travel around. Therefore, there were wintermarkten with in every place another local product.

The first christmas market in historic sources crops up, is that in the German town of Bautzen. In 1384, was a special meat market held around the christmas season and more products to sell. The Bautzener Weihnachtsmarkt still exists: this month is the 634e edition. From Germany and spread the christmas markets over the rest of Europe.

Which is still fumbling between the stuff at the illuminated wooden stalls so popular? “A christmas market is a feast for all the senses,” says Hessels. “You can see special stuff, you can hear the christmas music, and you can smell the mulled wine. Real kerstliefhebbers go out of their roof during such a visit.”

Visit you this year a christmas market? If yes, where do you go for? Leave a comment.