What had happened was that Rudy Giuliani wrote last week, a Tweet in which he criticized Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller. Between two sets he forgot to but a space and wrote “the G-20.In”.

Twitter made it automatically a Link to a site with the Indian country extension “.in”. Since no one had the Domain registered to the web designer Jason Velazquez of Atlanta for five dollars.

On the website, he wrote, “Donald J. Trump is a traitor of our country”. So who on the “G-20.In”Link in Giuliani’s Tweet, clicked, ended up on the website with the Trump criticism. In the case of Internet users caused a lot of Amusement.

the G-20.in: Giuliani criticized Twitter

Giuliani but could not laugh at all and seemed not to understand what exactly was happening. In a Tweet under the Advisor for cyber security, the White house introduced the short message service of evil intent: “Twitter has allowed someone with a disgusting Anti-presidential message to penetrate in my Text,” wrote the former mayor of New York. It was “Anti-Trumper”.

But Giuliani drew even more ridicule. “Trump’s Advisor for cyber security, don’t know how Twitter works,” wrote democratic consultant Brad Reason. “It’s good that Rudy is a cyber expert…” quipped the well-known cyber security expert Brian Krebs.

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