The decade is over, and a new one has begun. For the last ten years, the debate between cannabis legalization and the use of marijuana has changed dramatically. In 2018 America joined a few other countries in legalizing hemp; over the last few years, over 31 states have legalized medical marijuana use, and more have adopted recreational use. It’s fair to say that in 2020 cannabis is becoming a mainstream industry- with businesses popping up left and right.

Even with it being legal in most states, the people responsible for marketing the plant still have to jump through obstacles only to find their accounts and websites being shut down. Only in Canadian will you see an on tv ad for cannabis; however, the term marijuana is barely finding its way in mainstream marketing such as radio, social media, ad space, and podcast.

To help emerging marijuana companies navigate the strange, evolving world of advertising cannabis, McKenzie Santa Maria manages Knack Media, which offers the latest solutions for multimedia needs including Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Video and more!

Since managing the group in Orange County, she’s built a network of clients through working with some of the top cannabis companies in the Nation.

She states, “New and old cannabis companies must move towards modern and digital SEO marketing to stay ahead of their competitors.”

As a legal market evolves, the average cannabis consumer gets older, wealthier, and more sophisticated, and the total supply of consumers diversify. The business has had to expand it’s messaging and language to appeal to a newer, more sophisticated consumer. Marketing and advertising limitations change depending on the city, county, and state. The regulations are similar to those for alcohol. However, each jurisdiction is different.


As medical & recreational cannabis grows nationwide, so does the level of competition in the marketing space. From counties to cities to neighborhoods, the number of similar competitors in any given area is multiplying, creating a problem for both storefront and web-based cannabis companies.

Since an estimated 80% of consumers do internet research before buying from a business, one of the main concerns for cannabis companies should be online visibility. Marketing correct will improve your Google ranking and increase any companies’ chances of being found on the web.

For the first-time marijuana consumer, it can be overwhelming to walk into a clinic and have a conversation with a budtender. Old and new brands that are thinking about every aspect of the retail experience and the level of education involved are developing a great foundation to expand upon once traditional advertising options start to open up.

Overall, optimizing a cannabis website for better search results is the most reliable way to increase inbound sales and online visibility. When someone searches for a cannabis product or service, quality SEO is the only way to assure that the company will show up- and you do want to show up!


Knackmedia is a team of highly skilled developers and SEO professionals that have mastered the system of growing website traffic and would love to do the same for you! Contact Knackmedia today for SEO analysis and free consultation and give your cannabis business the boost it needs to perform online.


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