The protein snack bar industry is lackluster and oversaturated, until now. A truly unique snack is about to hit the market, “We’re So Cool We’re Frozen” is the catchphrase for MELTS Protein Bites. The product is launching September 21st, selling online direct from their web site They do have plans to add Shopify and Amazon fulfillment centers as a means of establishing brand recognition and easy purchasing. 

Kathy DiBenedetti, creator of MELTS, when asked what makes MELTS so different; she does not hesitate to answer. “We are a frozen comfort snack that is not shipped frozen. When you get our MELTS in the mail, freeze them 20 minutes then enjoy. The simple truth is, everyone ages 2 to 92 love our product because they taste so good, without the high sugar or high-calorie content”. Each MELT has about 2 grams of sugar and about 80 calories. 

MELTS started as a snack for athletes as Kathy, a fitness instructor, and her husband, Mark, who has a baseball background, would give to give their players as a little boost before and after workouts. MELTS protein snacks are the only product like it on the market and should give consumers another alternative to the “protein bar” market. 

Mark “D” adds, “We’re the sweet tooth solution that hits the spot, so instead of eating a bagel loaded with cream cheese, or giving your kid a candy bar, or that late-night pint of ice cream, eat a MELT and you are completely satisfied without the sugar and calories.” 

Although MELTS is not the perfect snack or for the super health fanatics, it is by all appearances and listed ingredients, a viable solution and substitute as a much healthier choice compared to many other protein or energy bar. A key element driving MELTS, which is a woman-owned business, is the market growth for their category over the next 5 years. 

Mordor Intelligence, which is a market research organization, provides key data, market analysis and major trends in many business segments and categories. In a recent publication, Mordor Intelligence provides an analysis of the protein bar and snack market from 2016 to projections up to the year 2024. 

Kathy “D” believes her timing is right for their unique product.” We are one of a kind, nobody like us in a category that is skyrocketing. We stand alone, we are first to market and the Original” 

Source: Mordor Intelligence The global protein bar market was valued at USD 1,152.26 million in 2018, and is projected to reach USD 1501.14 million by 2024, registering a CAGR of 4.67%, during the forecast period, 2019-2024. Globally, the evolving fitness trend is leading to high demand for protein-rich diet, which is a vital factor driving the sales of protein bars, followed by the increasing demand for free-from protein bars with popular labels, like vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free. By distribution channel, supermarket/hypermarket is the largest segment contributing 56.26% share of the total market. Online retailing is the fastest-growing segment as per the market study. The online channel provides the convenience to compare and buy products. Moreover, the ease of convenience of choosing the products and multiple payment options are major factors, pushing the online sales of a protein bar. 

Both Kathy and her husband Mark, who has ties to professional baseball {MLB} and the NFL, believe what Mordor Intelligence is predicting. Kathy points out that their marketing program, utilizing all social media, press releases and their affiliate marketing program, combined with professional athletes and influencers will help brand MELTS very fast as compared to even 5 years ago as companies can go gangbusters overnight. “Social media, Instagram and Facebook have changed the way products come to market.” Kathy loves their chances of success. “I realize the competition, the pitfalls, and challenges, but both Mark and I have a non-stop hard work ethic and have surrounded ourselves with quality, ethical people. We would be thrilled if we could put a smile on millions of people’s faces after having a MELT and be in a position to truly do some good work in a world that desperately needs a helping hand.” 

Mark DiBenedetti Toll Free Number: 877-848-9771 O ce Number: 760-230-3306 2525 Pioneer Ave. Suite #4 Vista, CA. 92081