Agape Treatment Center

Located in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida, surrounded by lush green and unique houses that encourage social interaction, Agape Treatment Center envelopes the perfect setting for recovery, all while creating a comforting environment. Such a natural ambiance integrated with the commercial reality of life will motivate and heal any client looking for treatment.

Agape Treatment Centers fully emerges their clients in mentally stimulating exercises and activities that embrace the true essence of life. They hope that with such design, clients will open up their minds to all the things life has to offer. Their modernized clinical space was created to deliver warmth and character. They offer 20 beds vs. 100+ beds giving clients a more personal boutique-style treatment experience.

Each member of the staff is licensed and highly trained, paired perfectly with clients to uniquely treat their needs.  This ensures the individual will receive a full social experience with someone, sharing interaction, all while forming the ability to connect in a calm and healthy environment. They hope clients will leave Agape Treatment Center feeling love and having a better grasp at structured guidance.

What makes Agape unique is the culture of people who genuinely care about the individual’s well-being in a small productive setting. Most treatments across the country tend to only focus on substance abuse and addiction issues, whereas Agape offers a focus on primary mental health care, and the therapy to revitalize the authentic self of a person.

Providing mental health services in primary healthcare includes diagnosing and treating people with mental disorders. They identify the disorder and its roots with a Cognitive Emotional Memory Assessment tool and utilize the appropriate evidenced-based interventions to treat the disorder. They guarantee that their central healthcare staff can apply the necessary psychosocial and behavioral skills needed to treat their clients.

Agape offers a wide range of modalities & therapeutic programs.  One of the most popular among the clients is experiential therapy, this includes; small team building fun activities such as community interactions, beach mediation, and escape room challenges.  This allows clients to become open and vulnerable to experiencing life’s fun choices sober, which helps change their perspective on what a fun healthy lifestyle looks & feels like.  The clinical programs & strengths that Agape offers through multiple modalities with individualized care are; one on one sessions with their expert therapists, as well as services with EMDR & Certified Trauma specialists which is almost unheard of. It is more typical of treatment centers to offer them only every 1-2 weeks.  Agape Treatment Centers Team is highly committed to helping their clients gain insight about their mental health and learn the skills needed to promote an overall positive outcome.


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