In 2020 there should not be as many treatment centers that are operating without a business or marketing plan as there are. Many Drug rehab centers use old tactics based on AdWords, PPC, or buy rehab leads.


All behavioral health organizations are under such stress, laws, and regulations right now. It is becoming complicated to operate without new business and marketing strategies. Companies are now seeing a massive shift in the industry from out-of-network to in-network, and changes in IOP and medication-assisted treatment.


Marketing specialist and Manager of The Recover, McKenzie Santa Maria explained that if people, “Go to and search “Drug Rehab Center.” Would they see themselves in the top maps section? If the answer is no, the Knackmedia can help. Think to when you search Do you go past the first page? Of course not, most people don’t either.”


“The top 3 local positions are the most desirable location for any local center. The Recover can help you get to the top 3 positions and increase your visibility to those searching for detox, residential, and IOP services,” she added


Having the treatment center displayed on the map pack is 1 of 3 ways to put yourself among the first options for patients, institutions, or referral agencies looking for information or help with addiction problems. It is just like it sounds, 1 of 3. It means each vertical brings between 30% to 40% of the overall traffic inside Google.


The Recover is a digital news agency founded on one sole mission of providing information about addiction and mental health. Through the syndication of trending news, original content, popular publications, and high-value keywords, The Recover drives thousands of visitors to a month to their directory listing.


While anyone can call themselves an “SEO expert,” admissions are all they care about, and they get results. Their directory has proven SEO services that are fulfilled by professionals with 10+ years of experience each. They know addiction treatment SEO gets results. In today’s competitive digital space, having a basic will not be enough. SEO today entails a deep understanding of not only the search engines and what they are looking for but the user intent as well.


The Recover has been offering mental health and addiction treatment providers with expert search engine optimization services for over a decade. Whether one is operating a detox center, a rehab center, a sober living facility, or a combination of the three. Knackmedia will identify the personal needs of the drug rehab and how to seize the competition in search engine results through the partnership of the Recover Drug rehab Directory.


The Recover is an unbiased substance abuse and mental health news provider. Helping individuals looking for the right treatment programs in their area. Also providing information on drug rehab centers for addiction recovery.

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