The cryptomunt bitcoin lost Friday of firm value. With a price of around 3.400 usd (3,000 euro) per piece is now a question of the lowest price level since september last year.

Bitcoin, in terms of market value are still the biggest crypto, is now 80 percent less worth in comparison with the peak of a year ago.

The new tap comes at the time that the American beurswaakhond SEC announced in late February about approval for a so-called indextracker (ETF) for digital coins of fintechbedrijf SolidX Partners and asset manager Eck Associates to decide. Would the SEC even before the turn of the year, take a decision.

The absence of regular institutional approval forms in addition to concerns about safety and regulations the biggest stumbling block for investors in digital currencies.

other digital coins were a lot cheaper. According to data from lost the coins since the beginning of this year, together almost 730 billion dollars in value.

How secure is a Bitcoin really?