Farmer wants a Wife-candidate Maarten Bos, who is the program currently has a relationship with Michelle van Asseldonk, wrote the first letter to his girlfriend, not himself.

did his mother and sister, reports the AD on Saturday. “You do but, I thought,” Bos explains.

In the datingprogramma be during the first episode, all farmers presented to the viewer. Are you in one of them interested, you can have a letter to send them and, if necessary, be invited for a speed date and the subsequent logeerweek on the farm.

According to the Bod-candidate was not intended that he the letter is not wrote. “I was soon called with the message that I have a letter to write. When I saw the episode, looked back where Michelle is introduced, I had no more doubts.”

‘What have I got myself in the neck reached?’

“I’m full for gone. A few weeks later I heard that Michelle among my letter had been chosen, and on speeddate. What have I got myself on the neck removed, even by me,” says Woods. “It is hard to realize that every week, there are four million people to watch you.”

However, the program has worked out very well for the couple, because they have resident relocation plans. “I’m going to Boekel and here we go to live together. Yes, in the short term. That’s going to happen quite quickly.”

Most farmers is only in reunion Farmer wants a Wife