Own Funda to keep an eye on? A waste of effort. Especially in the Randstad and popular cities such as Eindhoven and Groningen are homes that are just online are often visited and sometimes even sold. “As it is now, you’ll be there only between an estate agent.”

According to figures from intermediaries that are affiliated with the Dutch Association of real estate Brokers (NVM) makes nationwide about 20 percent of the buyers use of an agent. Search and offer, therefore, is always the most popular.

Exact figures the association has not, since the percentages depend on the market share of the NVM in one place. But when you look at areas where the housing market is overheating, than the proportion there pieces is greater, the association.

Precisely at the places where the housing need is high, you there’s almost no between without estate agent, ask critics. This would mean that the cost for a mediator, which range from 1,000 to several thousand euros, practically be enforced.

‘Woningtreintjes’: knock-on effect for the housing market

“Aankoopmakelaars have a monopoly on market information,” said Hans André de la Porte, spokesman of the Association of Home owners (VEH). “They know that a property comes on the market, sometimes for weeks, for Funda. In that time they already have people looking around or make a bid.”

this means that you can also with your eye on Funda focused even not the first to call for a house. According to André de la Porte creates in the current tight market, a domino effect, which is intensified by aankoopmakelaars.

“A house sells itself at this time.”

Hans André de la Porte, Association Own House

Current to obtain excellent sales of the ESTATE show that the number of homes sold already five quarters long decreases. Important cause: too little supply. Nationwide increased house prices by more than 10 percent compared with a year earlier.

Recently reported, the cabinet, moreover, that the shortage in housing in popular cities such as Utrecht and Amsterdam since even 5 percent. With a shortage in housing revolves around the lack of housing as a proportion of the housing stock.

“A house sells itself at this time. People come to a broker and say: “You can sell my apartment if you for me a larger house.” This creates a woningtreintje: person buy one, of person two, two, three, and so on”, says André de la Porte.

Golden times for real estate agents

in Addition, you as a buyer without any intermediary also not anywhere more seriously during the viewings, the spokesman said. “We see that, for example, in places like Amsterdam and Utrecht.”

“Verkoopmakelaars don’t want to have takers and negotiate rather with a buying agent. That filters out the serious house hunters there already.”

It is also a lucrative time for woningbemiddelaars, in both the selling as the buying party to be deployed, says André de la Porte. “Two brokers to a single house to earn a living, we are not in favor of it.”

“the more aankoopmakelaars, the better’

The objectives of the ESTATE are in direct contradiction to the criticism. “We want to understand that the percentage of housing with an agent further up”, says chairman of the board, Gaby Balkema.

The agent serves as a coach with extensive knowledge about both the financial, legal and structural part, as well as about developments in the neighborhood, so they thought. “Buying a property is top-class sport,” said Balkema. Especially people who, for the first time to buy a house, would therefore benefit from a mediator.

“Purchase – and verkoopmakelaars play, moreover, not under one hat. They have conflicting interests: one wants the lowest possible price and a good deal, the other wants a high amount of terms.”

“The agent that is doing everything to make the buyer the best possible choice to make,” said Balkema. “It surprises me a little that the Association of Home owners the increase as undesirable.”

“buying a property is top-class sport”

Gaby Balkema, NVM Freedom to choose?

That an agent has knowledge that a prospective buyer may be able to help dispute the VAH not: “It can be very helpful, there are a in the arm, for example, if you move to a city where you have little know about it.”

“however, You have the freedom to choose,” says André de la Porte. “By their informatiemonopolie you can in this housing market it’s not easy to aankoopmakelaars.”

“They can definitely help in making a good choice, but the problem is that aankoopmakelaars now not only be selected because of their expertise. That would be fine, because they are meant for. In popular cities, it is their contact with other brokers what they are so attractive”, says professor in real estate Dirk Brounen Tilburg University.

What Brounen also a wrong incentive is that the price of aankoopmakelaars sometimes depends on the sale price of a home. How higher that price is, the higher the income of the purchasing agent. “While one understand the lowest possible woningprijs for you should terms. Reward of brokers would not be connected.”

According to Balkema be brokers who are not a good price to negotiate by itself punished by online reviews. The ESTATE adopts the in addition that people are rejected if they are not an intermediary. Balkema recognize this picture should say not.