cannologies inc. stock offering

Newport Beach, CA, February 14, 2019: Cannologies, Inc. and their brand of Infuzion CBD Human Stem Cell skincare products, the most trusted and recognizable skincare brand in the cannabinoid (CBD) industry, today announced a Regulation D public offering that allows any investor the opportunity to invest in the Company.

Investors will be able to purchase shares of the company before its planned OTC:BB stock market listing scheduled for later this year.

This comes after President Trump signed the Farm Bill on December 12, 2018.
The company’s Regulation D shares are set at a value of .50 cents, a substantial reduction from anticipated opening price of $2.00.

“This is an exciting day for us,” said Cannologies, Inc. Founder / CEO Johnny Drummond. ”We want to give the investment community a chance to share in this incredible moment where Cannologies transforms into a multi-platform, multi-dimensional public enterprise.”
“Given the overwhelming demand for CBD products and the attractive margins within the skincare space, it is important that we give the public the chance to own a piece of the Company.”

“At a time when nearly two-thirds of the United States have legalized some form of cannabis, and the U.S. Congress is considering giving all states control over legalization decisions, this is the right time to invest in the business of respectable and proven CBD companies”, said Drummond.

“The ‘Green Rush,’ as it’s been called, will be one of the largest wealth creators of our generation. And as we move out of the shadows, real businesses in this sector will prosper in a way most industries only dream of.”

The Regulation D filing allows investors to buy common stock shares in Cannologies without waiting until the OTC:BB listing. Investors can buy one of the first CBD related stocks expected to go public.

“It was important to me that this offering be open to anyone who wants to join this historic moment, not just those with big brokerage accounts.” said Drummond. “We’re becoming one of the first CBD skincare companies publicly traded on the OTC:BB. We got here in no small part because of our incredible formulations that have been under development for the past three years. As interest in CBD / cannabis grows and legalization spreads, so too will Cannologies and the Infuzion brand.”

About Cannologies, Inc.
For more than 3 years, Cannologies has been working with a team of highly respected physicians, scientist and cosmetic laboratories developing a groundbreaking formulations for topical anti-aging skincare applications with all of the health benefits of full spectrum CBD.

Legal Disclaimer
The offering will be made only by means of an offering circular. The securities offered by Cannologies, Inc. are highly speculative. Investing in shares of common stock of Cannologies, Inc. involves significant risks. The investment is suitable only for persons who can afford to lose their entire investment. Furthermore, investors must understand that such investment could be illiquid for an indefinite period of time. No public market currently exists for the securities, and if a public market develops following the offering, it may not continue. For additional information on Cannologies, Inc., the offering, and any other related topics, please contact their Investor Relations Company.

Sean Renninger
Shareholder Relations LLC.