A scary reality has surfaced amidst the never-ending threat of nuclear war or massive asteroid impact. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates shared his belief that the biggest threat to humankind is an unknown pathogen codenamed Disease X. In his last...
Four countries in Central Asia are fixing gaps in their mental healthcare systems by shifting from a traditional institution-based model to a new community-based system in partnership with WHO Europe. It aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health illnesses...
Pennsylvania’s cities were once filled with opioids which in the end resulted in high overdose rates. Within the last year, the state has issued an old opioid disaster declaration and related efforts to battle the number of people who...
I. Addiction to opiates was once seen as remote and exotic, more likely to appear in the reels of a Quentin Tarantino film than in American life. That changed after the release of a new form of easily-abusable Oxycodone called OxyContin,...
Denver, Colorado made history not too long ago when it became the first city to decriminalize the use of certain hallucinogenics, known as "magic mushrooms." According to the San Fransico Chronicle, the current status of Oakland California could make...
During a search of an elderly man and his suitcase, authorities discovered around 70 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana packages hidden and labeled "T-shirts," "cold weather" and "sexy pants." This is just another normal day for Calfornia airports, according to recent...
Within the last year, CBD has made its way into every aspect of Americans daily life including air travel. The status quo of airlines just became a new level of “high” although the rules and regulations on bringing CBD...


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