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XYX Hemp publishes a list of important information regarding cancer and using CBD as a possible treatment.

Unfortunately common cancer treatment includes expensive, toxic chemicals that kill cancer and cause havoc on the body. Up until very recently, CBD as a treatment was never suggested, offered or recommended.

Here are a list of some facts on why someone suffering from cancer should consider CBD treatment for cancer when evaluating their health options.

Fact:  CBD has been shown in multiple studies to combat cancer and has improved survival rates substantially in study after study

Fact:  CBD has proven quite efficacious in reducing nausea and anxiety associated with chemotherapy.

Fact:  CBD has been linked to lower cancer rates.  In fact, adding THC to the mix seems to be even more effective.  It’s a shame regulatory issues interfere with this process.

Fact:  CBD is uniquely non-toxic, so increasing the dose to afford efficacy can be done without fear.

Fact:  Rare cannabinoids may hold even more promise for the future.  This makes full spectrum CBD optimal for cancer treatment and or prevention.

So, shy don’t doctors recommend CBD?

The answer:  Traditional medicine clashes with herbal, holistic medicine.  In fact, it’s often an affront to the doctor.  Indignant posturing is not uncommon, and so unnecessary.  It’s not like the patient is refusing traditional treatment.  It’s simply adjunctive, effective medicine.

There are some cancer treatment centers that seem to be more open minded than others.  Might be a good idea to ask the facility before a person gets involved.

At XYZ Hemp, we are dedicated to clarity and quality with regards to CBD.  Emphasizing high quality, full spectrum products will yield better results.  XYZ’s unique formulations are designed to address the needs of multiple disease states, emphasizing the amazing qualities of the different cannabinoids.  While the company cannot claim a therapeutics advantage due to FDA regulations, XYZ Hemp is doing what they can to magnify the beneficial impact.

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