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RushNet, Inc. (RSHN) And XYZ Hemp, Inc. releases a short description of the types of CBD products and how they are used. First, what’s the best CBD to take, and in what form?

The best CBD to consume is organically grown, full spectrum, nanotized and in substantial quantity, likely 200 to 300mg or equivalent if nanotized.  Vapes are best absorbed, followed by tinctures, then last, orally through digestive tract.

Organic:  There is currently no organic designation for CBD in the United States.  Other countries have different rules regarding this.  Because of the FDA designation, the organic growth wouldn’t have been legal until now.  The first to grow organically will be farmers familiar with the process that have land without pesticides or contaminants for many years, pure water sources and clones.  This may take some time.  Best we can get now is organically grown.

Full spectrum:  A lot of vendors claim full spectrum, but frankly, they lie.  Full spectrum is the entire spectrum of cannabinoids, numbering over a hundred.  Many of these cannabinoids are incredibly beneficial and much research is being done regarding their value.  Full spectrum is only achieved by harvesting just the flower of the cannabis plant, then extracting from this.  The entire plant is not used in this process.  If the entire plant is used and harvested and extracted, the result is a residue rich isolate without many of the rare cannabinoids that are so therapeutic.

Nanotized:  New technology allows shrinkage of the molecule.  This incredibly affords the molecule to disperse in a medium better, ie., water solubility, etc.  Once nanotized, there is some evidence that the bioavailability of the CBD is markedly improved.  Theoretically then, 10mg of nanotized CBD can have the efficacy of 100mg of non-nanotized CBD.  Furthermore, nanotized CBD dissolves in water if processed properly.  There is evidence to suggest that dissolution in water also improves bioavailability.

Dosing:  Once you have the right product, a nanotized full-spectrum CBD, 10  to 20 mg seems appropriate.  But if that doesn’t do the trick, take more.  Vape is best.  Tincture is really good.  Dissolved in water is good too.  Remember, the oral route is the least efficient method. For more information visit the company website at

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