children and smartphones

In today’s society, almost every child about to start high school already has a cellular device, but more and more these children are given a cellphone before they enter middle school. More or less these children are becoming attached to their cellular device and are detrimentally affecting the thought process and as well their brain growth development. With that being said this will not stop parents from purchasing their children’s new devices for emergency purposes which can not be frowned upon.


As parents across the United States are supplying their children with brand new devices some factors can come into play when talking about parenting. Supplying their children with these devices can really hurt the development of the child’s brain and as well the way they go about interacting with people. A lot of slang and lingo are reaching these young brains and ultimately are hurting the way that they were to go about things in their day to day basis, such as not listening to their parents, no being able to multi-task.


Although having a cell phone at such a young age is considered required since there can be an emergency that can happen at all time, also having tracking applications are really beneficiary for the parents so they know where their children are at all times, but as each year goes by the dependency of the cellular device goes up and up, that anxious feeling of not having their phone next to them or on them makes the children depend on their phone even more. As new devices come out parents are regardlessly going to purchase these devices for their children and even themselves as well.


All in all, children having a cellular device can form early habits of any type of addiction later on in their lives and can affect their relationships with their loved ones, studies have shown that using a cellular device can lead to depression and can be referenced as a “security blanket” for some adolescents and as well for adults.  On the other hand, cellular devices can help those who deal with depression or addiction through their handheld devices with certain applications and website, but if a child is having those problems having a cellular device would not be the solution for such issues.


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