The church does not see any possibilities to get enough money for a third underpass of the Northern Ring road Utrecht (NRU) get together. This means that the preliminary design emanates from two passages in the Robert Kochplein and Henri Dunantplein. There will also be a flyover at the Project.

The NRU is the northern part of the Ring road Utrecht. Now, the amount of traffic here often for traffic jams and nuisance for the residents of Overvecht.

In 2020, there must be started with the work to the road to refresh. The three shell & vvn traffic park to be converted to “grade separated intersections without traffic lights”.

The municipality of Utrecht and residents give preference to three sunken underpasses, because that is to less noise lead, ensure that local residents are better understand the Central and better crossings for cyclists and pedestrians.

Feasibility plan should be in summer 2019 clear

The municipality is already looking for money to the sunken underpasses to achieve. For one underpass funding was already around and this week there is in the Second Room also agreed with a proposal by the VVD, CU, D66 and CDA, so that for the NRU five million euros extra available.

With this contribution, the city can for a second underpass work, but there is still a deficit of two million euros.

The municipality hopes that in the summer of 2019 certainty about the feasibility of the plan, in which the second underpass at the Henri Dunantplein.