Two evils that most Americans have to struggle with are either smoking cigarettes or using electronic cigarettes (in other words “vapes”), they both relatively will burn a hole in someone’s pockets, and also both affect the human body mentally and physically.

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes across America is about $5.51, which can add up about $2,011 in a year if smoking a pack, a day. Cigarettes can contain up to 7,000 chemicals manufactured with tobacco, which can lead to lung cancer and ultimately, death, if not treated correctly.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, have a drastically lower cost with the average of a start-up kit usually running around $150, each refill for the equipment would be approximately $50 to $75 monthly,  which annually would add to $1,000. Electronic cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals that in the flavors for the juices, there are also volatile organic compounds that are otherly known as VOCs which can lead to asthma, ultimately adolescents are the primary consumers of electronic cigarettes since the legalization of the age of purchasing electronic cigarettes has moved to the age of 18.

The goal is to get every state within the US that is to raise the age limit of buying tobacco products to the age of 21. So that that young potential smokers do not socialize with other young smokers that are of the age of 18 to purchase electronic cigarettes for them illegally, in the hopes that fewer teenagers or young adults to put it in better words will not have access to these products that will damage their lungs and get them addicted at such a young age.

Intuitively, the federal law keeps the law as is, as these teenagers that are slowly becoming adults should follow the rules as it is. Over 400 cities and countries have changed the law to where a person has to be of the age of 21 and over to purchase tobacco products, but that simply is not enough. Bare to mind when burning the juices, the metals in the chamber of the electronic cigarette have more chemicals which ultimately gets smoked by the consumer.

Overall, both cigarettes and vapes are proven to be bad for the human body and no matter what consumers are going to keep buying to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes to suppress the addition that the consumer may be dealing with. All in all both of these cigarettes and electronic cigarettes should not be allowed in rehabilitation centers since both types of smoking are heavily considered a kind of addiction that the world deals with today and sadly it is starting within the youth.

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