In the centre of Paris Saturday morning, demonstrators met with riot police. Also there is tear gas, fired. The protests expired yet still quieter than last weekend.

The French police earlier in the morning already more than 250 people were arrested, reported the news agency AFP. The detainees are almost all people from outside Paris who is in or near the capital are held. They were, for example, in the possession of masks, catapults, or hammers. The police think that the rioters and not peaceful demonstrators.

The authorities fear that protests by the ‘Yellow Shirts’ against the loss of purchasing power, just as a week ago, lead to violence. Most of the protesters, about fifteen hundred people, gathered on the Champs-Élysées.

It is unclear how many people were meanwhile arrested by the French police. Le Monde wrote around 11.15 pm that there are more than four hundred arrests have been made. Reuters news agency speaks of the 127 arrests.

Police turn tear gas at protest ‘Yellow Vests’ in Paris

The French riot police searches for protesters who on the road to the Arc de Triomphe (Photo: AFP).

Also in Belgium, arrests have been made

Also in Belgium, the ‘Yellow Shirts’ on the leg. Thus, there is a blockade of the Belgian-French border on the motorway towards the French Dunkirk.

In Brussels there are about fifty people arrested, according to VTM News, going to the protests without violence. In the Belgian capital were the protests last weekend also from the hand. There were two police vehicles set on fire and there were dozens of the protesters held.

Tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and museums in Paris closed

In the whole of France are Saturday 89.000 enforcers on the streets to prevent protests lead to violence. In Paris, eight thousand veiligheidshandhavers used, that in fifteen places in the capital preventive. The designated places are the streets and squares surrounding tourist attractions such as Place de la Concorde and the square in front of the eiffel tower: Trocadero. Also, the subway remains closed.

It is the fourth weekend in a row that the ‘Yellow Shirts’ in the whole of France, in the street. Last weekend were the protests violent. There were 144 people injured and there were more than four hundred people were arrested. The Arc de Triomphe was plastered and shops and restaurants were destroyed.

The French police has entrepreneurs invited to Saturday closed the doors to keep. Despite the fact that the government-Macron has announced that the tax on fuel yet will not be increased in January, are once again large-scale protests are expected.

The ‘Yellow Vests’ went initially to the streets to protest against the price hikes on fuel, but that protest quickly turned into a wider sound against the new policies of president Emmanuel Macron.

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