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Into Action Consulting, Inc. has just published a new page that briefly describes their services offered to assist treatment centers and health care professionals. The president and founder, Craig Jewett was quoted in a recent interview, “We help behavioral healthcare facilities navigate through the complex challenges of state licensing, Joint Commission Accreditation, Incidental Medical Services (IMS) certification. We have an amazing group of people on our team, my partner, Mary Kovalcin spent nearly 20 years working in the healthcare industry, and I’ve been working in substance use disorders (SUD) for 20 years. The rest of our consultants and employees also have respectable resumes.”

Into Action Consulting has clearly made an impact on the organizations and individuals they have helped get licensed and accredited; their testimonials are pretty impressive.  Into Action Consulting boasts a 100% success rate really impressive. Mary Kovalcin, the vice president stated, “I attribute the success rate to our experienced and great team, and the fact that we take licensing and compliance not only seriously, but personally!”

Into Action Consulting practices a hands-on and in-person approach. Each facility contracted by their team participates in weekly training and compliance reviews. In addition, each facility is on-boarded to an on-line training software program and a web-based personnel management software that is all part of the services provided to each organization.

After helping almost 50 facilities with their goals in just the past 2 years, Into Action Consulting is on top of all the latest accreditation and licensing requirements. Into Action Consulting is as close to a one-stop-shop as one could hope for. Craig Jewett stated, “We have some really exciting software and apps being developed to bring even higher efficiency and accountability to the processes already in place. We are also constantly improving and updating all information management, data collection, policies and procedures, and operations manuals to better support our clients”

After achieving you license or accreditation goals, Into Action Consulting offers a very affordable and complete on-going compliance program to take the worry out of maintaining an ethical and profitable facility. Contact Into Action Consulting today and schedule no cost consultation either on-site or by phone.

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original source: Knack Media