Great Stress determines the everyday life of millions of workers in Germany. The DGB Good work Index 2018 8,000 employees occupied. Who has particularly much to do with customers, patients or as an early childhood educator with children, also in the evening partly.

nationwide, 52 percent of the employees are feeling, according to the survey, often or very often at work rushed and under time pressure. Almost each and every third complains about the fact that often different requirements for you or him are made, which are hard to reconcile with each other. Two out of three employees say they had no or little influence on the amount of work that you need to do. Only every Second person claims to have influence on the design of his working time.

Employees do not have to do very often with people that belong to the operation – such as patients, Clients or customers have to cope with demanding circumstances: According to its own figures, 38 per cent have to hide from you very often or often their own feelings at work. Almost every Fifth is often conflicts or disputes with the people with whom she works. A condescending treatment by other experienced more than one in Ten often or very often.

High-social Benefits

About one in every Ten has to offer its customers products or services, of which he himself is not convinced – in the hospitality industry, there are even 24 percent.

These problems affect very many people. Because 63 percent of employees work very often or often with other people outside the establishment. The good side: 74 percent of these workers are of the opinion that their work was to a high degree useful to society, but complain that the special needs of your work when you income is not or only to a small extent, would be taken into account.

Frank Bsirske a better remuneration for teachers, nurses and Workers, therefore, called for in other service occupations. There is a need for more staff, a realistic performance management, training and Coaching, as well as opportunities for Regeneration and recreation, said the ver.di-boss.

With a view to the total employees stated DGB-Chef Reiner Hoffmann: “Psychological stress and job stress have increased as a result of the digital transformation.” This Trend must be reversed. Necessary to a humane work design, the strength of the health and safety at work and the employees relief.