preventive chemotherapy

DNDi has reported of achieving success by using preventive chemotherapy to boost the eradication of neglected tropical diseases.


The work to eliminate tropical neglected diseases added targeted control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases because where preventive chemotherapy was previously used to manage the tropical neglected diseases success stories of elimination of neglected tropical diseases in endemic areas was recorded.


Preventive chemotherapy involves the use of an existing strategy to control the disease by combining it with a treatment regimen focusing on identified environmental causative factors is methods that have worked for a community for some disease control.


The diseases selected for preventive chemotherapy are listed and are only Guinea- worm disease, cysticercosis ,trematode infections, lymphatic filariasis ,onchoserciasis ,schistosomiasis and helmintgiasis.


“Blinding trachoma control through the SAFE strategy- combining drug treatment with hygiene and environmental management- can be linked to helminth control interventions to improve the overall health of the affected community. The diseases include cysticercosis, dracanculiasis ( guinea-worm diseases), foodborne tramatode infections,lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, schistomiasis , and soil-transmitted helminthiasis ,” stated DNDi.


This preventive chemotherapy on neglected tropical diseases is currently being applied only to some neglected tropical diseases which are already being successfully treated by available drugs and whose current drugs are considered safe.


“PCT focuses on diseases for which a strategy exists as well as on tools and the availability of safe and effective drugs that make it feasible to implement large – scale preventive chemotherapy,” stated DNDi.


The main purpose of this chemotherapy intervention is to support tropical neglected diseases endemic countries’ national efforts to achieve more success to the successful reports so far of treated a billion cases of neglected tropical diseases in the world every year for the past four years.


DNDi reports that the past application of this preventive chemotherapy is already very successful and application eradicates five of neglected tropical diseases which increases more of new success stories of eliminated tropical neglected diseases.


Both DNDi and WHO affirms that intensified work to eradicate neglected tropical diseases meet the sustainable development target on health concerned with universal health coverage and the ideology of leaving no one behind because it is on the good track of meeting the WHO triple billion targets of eradication of the neglected tropical diseases.


The interventions are now focusing on identifying challenges that may impede the goal of increasing more work to achieve progress and the target of eradication of neglected tropical diseases.


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