The first specimens of the Tesla Model 3 will be available in February in the Netherlands is provided. That month also get people with a booking elsewhere in Europe their new vehicle. The long-awaited car is from woensdagte configure.

The order of the deliveries depends on the reservation date, delivery location, and configuration options. Tesla makes no representations about the quantities, which in the Netherlands is reserved and paid for. Worldwide since march 2016 around 450,000 reservations placed.

In the beginning, only the long – distance and Performance-based versions of the Tesla Model 3 to order. The so-called Long Range version with a 74 kWh battery and four-wheel drive has a price of 58.800 euro, the Performance version will cost 69.700 euro.

The Model 3 Long-Range AWD has on the basis of the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure to a range of 544 miles. The Performance-execution, which in 3.5 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour sprint, is 530 kilometers far on a battery charge.

The Model 3 comes standard with Autopilot hardware, but you have to 5.300 euro-dollar Enhanced Autopilot option tick the checkbox to the options to be able to use.

All the Model 3 purchasers have against payment access to the global Supercharger network of Tesla, but the car is also suitable for other speed loaders. Also get the Model 3 the so-called over-the-airupdates well-known from the Model S and Model X.

People that in place of a Performance – or Long-Range version is just a cheaper version will, please have a little patience. Tesla lets us know that people have their booking can always cancel. The paid 1,000 euros to get it back.

The Tesla Model 3 is in the coming time in different locations spread over the whole country to see.

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