The European football Union (Uefa) wants to start from season 2021/22 a third European Cup-competition in addition to Champions League and Europa League. As the Executive Committee of the continental Association decided to have the new Format 32 participants. The working title of Europa League 2.

“There will be more games for more clubs in the group stages, more associations are represented,” said Uefa President Aleksander Čeferin. “This competition was born out of the ongoing dialogue with the Clubs via the European Club Association.” By the new League, the number of clubs increased in the European Cup competitions, from 80 to 96 Teams. The Europa League will be reduced from 48 to 32 Teams. The number of Starters in the Champions League will remain at 32 Teams.

The football League is to get a starting place in the new competition. The League-Seventh will be allowed to participate, said DFB President Reinhard Grindel.

Andrea Agnelli, head of the European Union of the Topclubs (ECA), welcomed the decision. The decision according to him, the fair development of the club competitions are safe and secure the football the role as the number one Sport in the world. What is the impact of new competition on the number and allocation of the Bundesliga-clubs, is for the moment unclear. Will be played in the competition in the group stage in the Europa League on Thursdays. The final will take place at the end of the season in a week with the finals of the Champions League and the Europa League.

attractiveness of the Europa League. rise

by the end of August, the Sport Bild had reported on the planning Consequently, should rise as a result of the new League, the athletic attractiveness of the Europa League, thereby increasing the marketing opportunities, for example through TV and sponsors, increase. On the other, more Clubs from smaller football Nations such as Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, the access to the European Cup, without the Europa League – as initially proposed – to 64 Teams increase.

Already between 1960 and 1999, there was the European Cup winners ‘ Cup a competition below the Champions League and Europa League. The last winner Lazio Rome.