breast feeding and marijuana

In the evergrowing FAD among CBD users, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning new and expecting mothers to stay away from THC and CBD products of all kinds, despite the legal status or non-psychoactive properties.  

Just like the era of excellent tobacco use, even doctors had posters that would suggest a cigarette a day, that soon took a turn for the worst. According to a newly released memo published by the FDA aimed at pregnant and breastfeeding women earlier this month, and made sure to caution against the use of both THC and hemp-derived CBD, regardless of the increasing demand in both legal marijuana dispensaries and retail outlets in America.

“We are now seeing CBD-containing products everywhere,” the memo reads. “CBD can be found in many different products, like drugs, foods, products marketed as dietary supplements, and cosmetics. These products often make questionable health promises about CBD. [The] FDA wants you to know there may be serious risks to using cannabis products, including those containing CBD if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.”

The memo came after the FDA had examined and confirmed multiple studies connected to cannabis use to early complications with pregnancy. However, it also made apparent to note that survey into all phases of cannabis use and effect have been severely hindered in the face of federal prohibition. Yet, with the little proof of complications and reports of mislabeled and potentially dangerous CBD products being sold indiscriminately, the FDA would rather play safe than sorry. 

“…There is a potential for CBD products to be contaminated with substances that may pose a risk to the fetus or breastfed baby, including THC,” the FDA wrote. “We have also heard reports of CBD potentially containing other contaminants (e.g., pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and fungus); we are investigating this.”

Aside from the pregnancy-specific warnings, the FDA is currently in the process of forming regulations and restrictions for the country’s evergrowing hemp CBD market. Just like anything without those implemented guidelines, hemp CBD products are being sold without any oversight or inspection. With that being said, the FDA has now begun to organize a list of regulations and restrictions for the country’s growing hemp CBD market. 

CBD and hemp without any regulations can be harmful. As of now, hemp CBD products are being sold without any oversight or accountability. The FDA has already begun to issue warnings to companies that have made claims about the medical benefits their CBD products posses.

The science behind pregnancy and marijuana or CBD consumption is minimal, posing severe health risks. There is undoubtedly much to be learned about marijuana, pregnancy, and breastfeeding before any accurate reports about a correlation can be confirmed. 

Until the FDA steps up their game and conducts more clinical studies to confirm if cannabinoids can be safe for new and expecting mothers, the risk of complications will always be present. As a country, the research and science behind the plant its self needs to be increased.


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