For many households in Germany, the electricity in the new year, it is significantly more expensive. An average of 4 to 5 per cent, the prices of numerous providers will rise in the basic supply. A Three-person household with an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt-hours of pay, according to the calculations of the comparison portal Verivox around 55 Euro more in a year. The catering price to justify increases, with their higher purchase prices for the electricity. This year, the average price of Electricity was, according to the Figures of the Federal network Agency largely stable.

Shortly before the end of the period of notice for any price change, posted Verivox increases this Tuesday – six weeks before the year 218 utility price increases in December and to 1. January. Similar to the Portal Check24 is the Situation: 160 regional electricity suppliers have increased their prices already, or increases announced. “According to our experience, other providers come in the next few weeks,” said energy Commissioner Check24, managing Director of the Oliver drilling. Particularly, many of the price increases, according to Verivox so far in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse have been announced.

FOCUS Online, Many consumers unsightly Post to get current from your electricity suppliers E. on and RWE hold prices stable

the two biggest German utilities, Eon and RWE subsidiary Innogy remains the price of Electricity at the turn of the year is stable, as spokesman for both companies said. How long this remains true is yet to be decided. “We are watching the development,” said a spokesman for Eon. Together, the Essen-based groups have approximately ten million electricity and gas customers in Germany. Eon plans in the Wake of a large-scale Exchange with RWE to take over the Innogy customers. To compare electricity prices you will Find here the cheapest electricity provider

suppliers to justify price rises. The procurement costs had increased in the past two years, more than half said the industry Association BdEW. Also, the increase in the prices for CO2 emission certificates seem cost-prohibitive. Smaller reductions in other components of the electricity price could not compensate for the increase.

consumer advocates have criticized this line of reasoning. “Some years ago, the stock market prices have fallen, and have referred to the provider on its long-term contracts and the savings to their customers,” said the energy expert at the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, Udo Sieverding. “Now you are prices in a rising Stock market quickly with price increases.”

procurement costs at 22 percent

Focus, So the price of Electricity – notification of the electricity supplier on the Bavarian Tegernsee

estimates of The Federal network Agency, the proportion of procurement cost on the Power to about 22 percent. More than half is attributable to levies, taxes and duties, just under a quarter of the grid fees. For the date 1. April 2018 has determined the authority of the average electricity price across all contract types of 29,88 cents per kilowatt-hour. At this level the price moves for 2016.

A contract in the classical supply with relatively high prices, almost 28 percent of households, according to new Figures from the Federal network Agency. A conversion of the contract is worth for many, the stress of the competition authorities. An average household customer last may by a change of Supplier 68 euros in annual savings. For the provider to exchange the joint monitoring report of network Agency and the cartel office are some tips: rates with an advance payment or a Deposit should be avoided and the duration of the contract does not exceed one year. In addition, the consumer would have to ensure that after the expiration of the price-fixing is a significant price increase.

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