A Baby puts his own life on the head.This is why you should do some things.Write to us at wissen@focus.de what you want to do before you start a family.

For years, they ignore the soft feeling of which they are attracted, because of the discipline, with the plan to life, makes a dash through the bill? You can Refine seminars, soft skills training, and deal with Life-Work Balance?

But they would rather explore with friends in an old VW Bus, the Provence, in a farmhouse between the lavender fields of a year, the sweet art of idleness study. Also the childhood dream, to drag Cowboys through the canadian Prairie, is of no use to your career. It inspires you with a feeling of freedom that you will live for a long time.

So you start now. Now!

Because as soon as you hold your first child in your arms, is it over with great freedom. Then the rhythm of a baby determines your life. And if the offspring tried later in the supermarket in front of the candy shelf with the bloodcurdling scream of his own, and then you think back to the worry-free time in Provence.

Close the eyes, breathe deeply, and feel how the relaxing effect of the Lavendeldufts calms your pulse again.

We call five things you should do before you have children.

1. You travel a lot and far

Bungee Jumping, parachute jumps, wild Rafting trips, a hike through the land of fire – adventurous activities and long-distance travel, you should be sure of your To-do list before the offspring are born. Because then the travel plans will change radically.

Spontaneous Trips to Goa? Of due to. Well-planned holiday on lake Garda, is more like it. You travel so much, spontaneous and wide: you will Enjoy with your Partner the togetherness and spend a spontaneous romantic weekend in Paris. You can book a Last-Minute Trip to the Maldives or in the Caribbean. If you change disposable diapers and baby porridge cooking, puts the Caribbean in the distance – and light-years.

If your Name is on this list, you will be next year, probably father of 2. You were irresponsible

you turn the night into day and dance in the Club until the bouncer comes. Find out where the best Cocktails in the city, and you retire with your loved one until the morning gray through the Bars. Indulge yourself with friends at Brunch a couple of glasses of champagne.

the whistle on their reputation and smooch with your work colleagues at the next company party. A single must not allow such sins. Of married fathers and mothers, however, modesty is expected via the strands of beat, is not allowed.

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