Drugs and alcohol addiction is a complicated issue categorized both as a chronic disease and a mental disorder. Some people develop into drug addiction so fast, while for others, it takes time to get into that habit.

If you notice you have drugs or alcohol addiction, you will have to face the long journey of rehab recovery. Deciding to choose a drug or alcohol rehab recovery treatment is not easy. However, it is the best action to free yourself from addiction.

The first journey involved in the four distinct phases of recovery is visiting a professional drug and alcohol rehab program. You will learn to develop a drug-free and sober lifestyle.

The four phases involved in drugs and alcohol rehab recovery developed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse are as follows:

  1. Treatment Initiation

The first phase starts when you seek help from professional drugs and alcohol rehab program known as treatment initiation.

Whether you have addiction difficulties or searching for assistance have compelled you to visit rehab, the recovery journey will begin with you as you start professional treatment.

During this phase, you might have second thoughts about quitting on drugs and alcohol, which is just normal feelings. You may even think you can manage your addiction without the assistance of an addiction rehab center. However, it would help if you always recalled the reasons why you needed a treatment program since denial is the worst enemy during the first recovery days.

  1. Early Abstinence

Early abstinence is the second phase once you have dedicated yourself to proceed with your addiction treatment. Usually, it is the hardest phase to contend with due to a few factors which you will experience. These include psychological dependence, withdrawal symptoms, various relapsing triggers, and physical cravings.

During this phase, a qualified addiction counselor will instruct you about the coping skills required for a sober lifestyle. You will learn to use different tools that will help you during your recovery process.

  1. Maintaining Abstinence

Maintaining abstinence is the third phase you will advance to after about 90 days of continuous sobriety.

The main focus of this phase is to maintain abstinence by learning triggers and signs that lead to relapse and how to avoid them. During this phase, you will learn:

  • To utilize the tools you learned during the early abstinence phase into practice
  • Additional coping skills and tools to build healthy relationships
  • A lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol
  • Acquire skills in managing money and employment
  • How to avoid substituting addictions, among others.
  1. Advanced Recovery

After staying sober for around five years of abstinence, you will enter the fourth and final phase known as advanced recovery. At this phase, you will utilize all the tools and skills you learned during the rehab counseling sessions to live a satisfying and enjoyable life.

Additionally, you will also maintain sobriety and have all the necessary skills to become a healthy and an overall better person.

Finally, though your recovery journey is never absolutely over, participating successfully in these four phases of drugs and alcohol rehab recovery trains you how to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.