a “radical programme of global social justice is to prevent the” is necessary.

According to the assessment of a Carpenter, the world community is moving away to be seen, however, to avoid genocides. “We know about the connection between resource scarcity and violence and do not act yet”, said the historian. Since the adoption of the Convention on the punishment of genocide in 1948, the world community has come really far.

Concerned showed Carpenters in the face of debates about homogeneous societies. As for a genocide, an “exclusive Group definition, as a We-identity” condition. “Such constructions are not a fire hazard, and the radical the discourses of the present are very worrying,” said the historian.

concession of violent crime in the own self-image in question

Germany is in the processing of violent crime less than I thought. So the policy will do approximately difficult to draw conclusions from the genocide of the Herero and Nama. They fear reparations for the crimes that in present-day Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century. Century took place.

At the same time, such an admission body’s own self-image into question. “The insight that from the center of the German society genozidaler racism could arise – and even before the Holocaust is bitter.”

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