No clouds hovered in the sky Monday, April 22nd as the first annual Max love Project Thrive Cup Golf Invitational kicked off at 11 am. Groups of golfers claimed their golf carts and prepared for the eventful day ahead of them.

The event took place at the Aliso Viejo Country Club, 5002 Golf Drive and offered multiple booths that sampled various things from craft beers, wine, brisket sandwiches smothered in chipotle sauce, tacos that filled the air of the 16th hole to even cannabis.

The event was organized with the hope that it would one day eliminate the negative stigma of providing marijuana for families affected by cancer or chronic illness. The main goal of the annual Thrive Cup Invitational Golf Tournament is to raise funds for educational resources for parents and doctors, while at the same time providing scholarships for families in need.

Title sponsors included the famous Orange County Dispensary People’s and Hero Disturbishions LTD. Additional sponsors like Kannabis Works, Absolute Xtracts and Tyson Ranch were spread across the course enlightening people on their products and the benefits of CBD and marijuana.

Danny Lansdale and Tyler Hauser of Standing United a non-profit organization helping people suffering from addiction and homelessness also participated in the festivities. The group will be hosting in partnership with Tyson Ranch and Athletes for Care a Charity Golf Tournament that will take place August 2nd at the lovely Monarch Beach Golf Links.

The fundraiser scheduled consisted of a 9:00 am golfer check-in and arrival. Following 9:15 am Warm-Ups and on the house brunch and drinks. Then finally at 11:00 am the shotgun start rang and the day began.

As the day came to an end, around 4:30 pm a $100K shootout took place to signify the end of a great golf day, with no better way to end a beautiful Monday then by attending an afterparty and awards ceremony. As the after party began people flocked to the open bar and charcuterie boards while enjoying a live band and the fantastic view from the courtyard.

Audra DiPadova Wilford, Chief Hope Officer of MaxLove Project, spoke as people began to settle in their seats. She shared her families experience in fighting her sons Max condition. Her son Max was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and was given very slim chances at a full life; however, through many trials of treatments, they found hope in therapeutic resources. They hope that through education and acceptance will they be able to spread the word and change thousands of families lives.

Parents of children suffering from a debilitating illness also spoke about their experiences and how the discovery of cannabis and CBD has changed their children’s lives and restored hope to the family. The goal behind the event was to create a unique opportunity to network with leaders in every facet of the cannabis and wellness industries while improving the odds for childhood cancer patients.

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