The explanation of the behavior as harmless, was easy. He was sent as a member of the German Bundestag photos with reference to the national socialism on Whatsapp but only one employee, said the AfD-politician Stefan Keuter. And these employees have to archive the image material, and to position ourselves politically. The Whatsappen of images, the extreme Right-wing, funny, beautiful, motivational, or maybe all of the above find – Keuter, it was a kind of work in members everyday. It was important to him that his family victims of Nazism, his father was born on the run.

On Thursday the star revealed that Keuter also ended before his time as a member of the German Bundestag Nazi imagery, verse. From the stern face with the fact, said Keuter: “If I should have sent such materials, then this happened.” This reaction surprised. After Keuters logic could then send everyone AfDler diligent Nazi-image. He would only say to do this “documentation purposes“.

star exclusive New research Video from the dance of Hitler – AfD-man sent Nazi imagery, even before his election to the Bundestag Gauland: I think it is tasteless

Apparently, AfD Official to see things differently. Christian Lüth, spokesman of the AfD group in the Bundestag, says with regard to the new revelation: “Such images are neither funny nor otherwise used. Everyone who sent something like that even in fun, should consider whether he is his responsibility as a politician.“ Lüth is regarded as a Confidant of the party and parliamentary group Chairman Alexander Gauland.

Gauland is to quote his Deputy: “I have no reason to doubt the statements of Mr. Keuter. However, I think the pictures and Send in bad taste.” The reference of the first Gauland-record is not entirely clear. He called Keuters behavior then, but “tasteless“, is close to that of the conciliation party chief of a condemnation at least.

Also of the NRW state Association sees it is critical

In Keuters national Association, the AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia, is the Co-Chairman Helmut Soaps: “The new Research changes the Situation completely,“ said the soap star. “We will now ask first, Mr. Keuter on this issue, and then in the country the Board of management to advise what action we will take. Should apply, what the star reported, it will be difficult to support Mr. Keuter.”

The AfD, the observation is afraid of straight through to the protection of the Constitution and wants to avoid to be with right-wing extremism and national socialism. The Causa Keuter, you will be able to see how consistently the party.

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