You have a lot of clothes made of Polyester in your closet and ask yourself again and again, whether you wash the Material properly. The manufacturer’s label is, for example, not more readable, it is obtaining useful for a few General information.

We have the most important questions and answers with regard to temperature, detergent, and blended fabric in relation to the laundering of the Polyester, for picked them up.

What is Polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is as a micro-fiber three times thinner than silk, but also in a coarser Form can be processed. It was developed in the 30s as an Alternative to silk, and is characterized mainly by their tensile strength and ease of care. Polyester also comes in mixed fabrics, for use: with cotton, a high quality Material. In addition, Polyester has the advantage that it does not absorb moisture, and dries quickly.

60 degrees, 90 degrees: the temperature At which Polyester is washed?

Many pieces of clothing are made from Polyester, this is why, in every Cabinet, a piece of clothing. At the latest when Washing must then ask the question, what are the temperatures of the material can withstand. 30 degrees is enough? 90 degrees is too much? In fact, it is wash recommended Polyester never more than 60 degrees. The optimum washing temperature at which nothing can go wrong, however, is 40 degrees. Note, however, that the information on the manufacturer’s label.

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In the washing machine: This detergent you need for Polyester

anyone Who has used until now, a mild detergent, makes actually nothing wrong. In the case of colourful clothes with a color detergent can be used. In General, the Polyester in the Fine – washing is washed. You want to be on the safe side? Then it works also with the hand wash. You have to turn the piece of clothing on the left and leave in the sink or the bathtub, a small water bath shrinkage. There is a soft Polyester with detergent and rinse it with cold water.

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I Need to Washing of Polyester fabric softener?

In the case of many sensitive materials it is recommended to use a fabric softener. Polyester can handle the medium very well, which is why you will be able to add. However, the Material takes on the characteristic odor of the fabric softener.

shrinkage of Polyester shrink in the Wash?

generally, Polyester can withstand washing temperatures and not running. Will be warned on the manufacturer’s label, however, washing at high temperatures, could be processed to a small part of other materials. It is not pure Polyester, but a mixed fabric you will also need to be careful. In General, it can happen with a fine wash program with a low Spin speed and 40 degrees.

Polyester cotton: How do I wash the garment?

A popular Material is combined with the Polyester, for example, cotton. The Polyester-cotton blend in a rule, and can be washed at 60 degrees. Follow, first and foremost, but always to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

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So dry Polyester after Washing

The advantage of Polyester is that it dries by itself – a Laundry dryer is not required in most cases. To do this, you simply hang it on the clothes rack. You can avoid this but to strong sunlight. You put Polyester best only in the dryer, if it is allowed according to the manufacturer’s label explicitly.

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