Jan Slagter (64) think that life stops after death, but hopes, nevertheless, that there is ‘something’ then. He tells Saturday in the AD.

“I hóóp that there is something. I would like my brother back.”

“My parents, my grandmother Slagter, Slagter further. “And my lover, Martine, who died of cancer when she was 29 years old. My parents-in-law, my brother-in-law Hans, all such lovely people. I would be happy with them sitting at a table, telling that the down’n gesodemieter. “Do you know where they are now? About Zwarte Piet!’ “No, you don’t mean it, Jan. Really?'”

As a child was a Presentation called “scared” by what, to him, in the Dutch Reformed Church was learned about the death. “That’s what we stand for forever – watch what I say – ééuwig before the throne of God to sing. I thought: if it is not true. That gave me quite an oppressive feeling.”