It has been a year since the fashion designer known as Kate Spade committed suicide due to a never-ending battle with depression and anxiety, and her foundation is giving back.

The foundation that bears her name has released an announcement stating the completion of a $1 million pledge to support mental health startups and services.

According to a statement, the Kate Spade New York Foundation is donating $200,000 to The Jed Foundation, which partners with schools to help strengthen their current mental health programs. They also announced that they would match any public foundations to JED from June 5 to June 12, up to $100,000 at the

Other donations have been made to various organizations, including the Crisis Text Line. The companies spokesperson Anna Bakst, brand president and CEO of Kate Spade New York, explained how the company aims to encourage more conversation, education, and research surrounding mental health. More information for donations can be found at the Kate Spade website or The JED website.

June 5, 2018, at 55, after years of battling depression and anxiety, Spade killed herself. According to police reports, housekeeping staff located Spade inside her Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan proximately 10:20 a.m. Tuesday, law enforcement officials reported to CBS News.

They also noted that she left a note at the scene; however, the contents of the letter were not disclosed. She had allegedly hanged herself with a scarf connected to a doorknob. Andy Spade, her husband, and business partner were in the apartment at the time of the incident.

JED is a nonprofit that was founded with a mission to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for Americans teens and young adults. Their team is equipping teens and young adults with the abilities and knowledge to better themselves and each other.

“We’re encouraging community awareness, understanding and action for young adult mental health.”- JED