The cruise ship Le Soléal to the shipping line Ponant, which was in the Kirke canal, close to Chile on the way, had such significant flaws that 222 passengers had to cancel their trip and get off the boat. What had happened?

cruise ship with defects is no longer fit to drive

In the journey through the Kirke channel of the ship’s bottom was damaged with scratches, as Chilean divers in their investigation. In addition, the ship’s oil have lost.

After the incident, the 222 passengers were forced to leave the ship and your cruise to cancel. They were brought directly from the ship to Puerto Natales, from where the most direct flown home.

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The cruise ship will now remain at the port until it has been fully repaired. The company expressed Ponant to the Portal in a statement: “On Wednesday, the 14. November 2018, suffered Le Soléal, which was then under the control of a Chilean captain, a technical Defect during the Route through the Kirke channel in Chile. In one of its propellers was damaged.”

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The incident was not serious and had no impact on the safety of the guests and Crew on Board. “The program of the planned cruise is currently being reviewed. Le Soléal will be temporarily put out of service to prevent damage to determine necessary repairs,” as it is called.

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