baby over dose

PALM BEACH AREA, Fla.– The Palm Beach Area police department has released a report of a 10-month-old girl who was rushed to a healthcare facility just two days after Christmas day after overdosing on drugs.

According to a case record, the baby girl endured an overdose on the night of Dec. 27; Fire Rescue revived her using Narcan, a medication used to deal with overdoses.

PBSO claimed the child’s mother, 24-year-old Melissa Katz, admitted to smoking two “Oxys” with her guy, 24-year-old Kaeden Walton, the night before making use of tin aluminum foil, and also three more “Oxys” on Dec. 27 in their apartment or condo in the 2400 block of Lake Worth Road in SUV Lake Well worth.

Katz said, “whenever they smoke, they either go into the restroom and also turn the fan on or go outside,” according to her arrest report.

Katz added they leave the infant unattended in the bedroom of their one-bedroom apartment or condo when they smoke, the arrest report specified.

According to investigators, Katz stated she and Walton got involved in a battle around 5 p.m. on Dec. 27, and throughout the argument, the youngster “was left neglected, however not more than five minutes” on the bed in the room.

Katz admitted there was a big ziplock bag of pills on the bed with the infant.

Walton informed investigations he has been “prescribed a multitude of pain medications, as well as possessing a medical marijuana certificate” due to a back injury.

Adhering to the overdose, the Division of children and also Family members, in addition to PBSO’s Unique Sufferers Device, replied to the apartment.

” While there, [investigators] uncovered several things taken into consideration to be drug paraphernalia, along with several prescription containers, both opened up and closed, scattered concerning the bed,” according to the arrest record.

The report went onto claim that since the child was left unattended on the bed, “it appears that she would have had access to any one of the numerous recommended narcotics, in addition to burned tin aluminum foil, with residue, used for smoking cigarettes narcotics, that was also on the bed where she was at.”.

” The youngster was jeopardized, allowing her to consume a substance causing her ending up being unresponsive,” the apprehension record specified.

Katz and Walton were both apprehended and registered into the Hand Coastline Area Prison on child abuse charges.

According to jail documents, Katz bound out of jail on Dec. 28, but Walton is still behind bars on a $25,000 bond.

The condition of the baby is currently unknown.


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