Germany in a tense world political Situation. Countries such as Russia, Turkey or China are increasingly authoritarian. Contracts can be broken. And military conflicts are unthinkable.

“rule-based order, which has made Germany great and we feed off that, which is threatened,” warns defence expert, Christoph von Marschall.

“If nobody does anything to protect you, return the right of the Stronger. We need to do something to our success. And we need to carry into the society.” FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

FOCUS Online launches a new and constructive Reportage series. The target: perspectives for Germany’s social and societal future. What other countries do better and what you can learn Germany from international models? To find answers, travel 14 FOCUS-Online-a Reporter in 14 different countries.

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From 2005 to 2013, the diplomatic correspondent of the Berlin newspaper “der Tagesspiegel” reported from the White house, wrote best-selling biographies about the Obamas.

His latest book, “the world no longer understand. Germany’s alienation from his friends” deals with the foreign policy challenges and threats that come to the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU.

the Alliance system Germany under pressure

“rule-based order” will mean: Germany, nests in an Alliance system. There are global rules of the game such as the world trade order. And covenants which protect these. The rules of the game are not adhered to by the Parties. Time cheating behind the backs of other, sometimes there is a bad loser who turns the whole game into question. Private Christoph von Marschall reported from 2005 to 2013, as a correspondent from the White house and wrote best-selling biographies about the Obamas.

Just safe trade routes are a sensitive topic. That German merchant ships safely through the Panama or Suez canal to happen, is perceived as a matter of course.

we only time, every tenth German merchant ship would be lost, as it was in previous centuries the case: because of pirates or because of enemy Nations captured the ships.

This is, of course, so, for the Marshal, but also a German merit. “We live by the requirements that other free trade means”, clarifies the expert.

Germany will have its success

backup”, And the German Navy is not the. We need to think, as our basis for Success.” Finally, Germany finances its welfare state, largely due to the export surplus. “It goes to the social peace in the country,” warns Marshall.

The Federal Republic of Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world – with a defence budget of just under 1.2 per cent of gross domestic product. That’s the equivalent of around 38.5 billion euros. The consequences of austerity are only in Parts of the operational army and broken equipment.

The defence budget of France, for comparison, at about 1.8 percent. In the year of the unit 2.3 percent of the economy of Germany was still in power for the Bundeswehr.

“And nobody can seriously argue that it had been no welfare state and no money for schools,” says Marshal. “This is out of memory, how we have thought about it 30 years ago.”

Strategic Thinking: France as a model of

Strategic Thinking in Germany should once again be practiced – both politically and publicly. Model: France. Since you ask in the Paris Think-Tanks or Planning sessions of the foreign Ministry of what the world looks like in 30 years. What is the defense result in political challenges.

As the selfish China is better. Always present: the world map, on which black dots of the anti-terrorist operations and foreign of the French army and stakes to mark it.

“We should be normal – and I don’t mean aggressive,” says the Marshal. For the experts, the only means to a sober and unconditional analysis of the German interests. And it must also be recognised that the role of the military, the need to serve primarily as a deterrent.

“It’s the Signal for action and to be responsive when a state adheres to any agreements,” says the Marshal. In the same way as a private household against break-ins or accidents, the insured, must protect Germany with a higher defence budget against other risks.

Ukraine as a cautionary example

As a cautionary example of the Ukraine. There are treaties such as the Charter of Paris, in which the principles of European dealing are recorded. It prohibits, among other things, to change borders by force. When Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons, the Russians signed a Treaty that they would protect the borders of the neighbouring lands as a Guarantee.

“Russia would have had to run against the war and that, when it came to the Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine,” says the Marshal. The expert advertises in the light of recent world-political momentum for a public debate on military and defense.

the French struggle with the “South-East-Dilemma”

rubber grinding of soles on gravel. It goes beyond the “Cour d’honneur” and passing by the magnificent Central building of the École Militaire in Paris. The Area is extensive, signs every few hundred meters on the way to the right conference room.

In each of the buildings sit on parts of the soldiers and officers in fancy uniforms at long tables and discuss stimulated. Pierre Haroche is already waiting in the third floor of building 13. FOCUS Online views of the Mediterranean buildings of the École Militaire in Paris.

Haroche works for “Irsem”, the Institute for strategic research of the Ecole Militaire. His focus is on European defence cooperation. The Frenchman sees a “South-East-Dilemma” in Europe’s defence of the political way of thinking: “We have difficulties, in spite of our different priorities.” He sees a certain amount of stiffening of some EU countries to personal interests. Irsem, Pierre Haroche from the Institute for strategic research of the Ecole Militaire (Irsem) in Paris.

The shows, in particular, on the example of Russia. As Poland to 2017 “Pesco” joining a group of EU States involved in the security policy, said the government’s top priority. for them, the focus is on the Eastern flank of the EU

started As the new Italian government in their work, it was said, however, that Russia was an ally, needs to work more closely together. The EU and Nato should focus more on the South, to combat the causes of Flight and Terror.

of the EU in prioritization of threats, divided

“The two extremes. France would have none of these two threats easily dismiss it,” says Haroche. “We now need to find a way to work simultaneously on both issues. And that is to convey, without the other EU member States the feeling that they would not be heard, or for other interests, exploited.”

in the long term, the Frenchman thinks. European defence cooperation should be supranational and structurally develop. Since it’s joint logistics, joint research projects and a common defence policy schedule.

France is promoting a common EU-Army bases

Currently works Haroche on the idea of permanent European bases abroad. “It is a massive presence. Several European States should share only a military base. There could then be a joint training-initiate future European missions to prepare and a common assessment of the situation to perform,” says Haroche.

Emmanuel Macrons proposals in such a direction. The French President, dreaming of more action and a European power. Intervention initiative, the Euro zone budget, EU armed forces – the German government is pursuing the most with-sceptic clothing Silence.

“Macron deserves an answer”

“Macron deserves an answer,” of Marshal. “And this must not always be a Yes.” The Federal Republic of Germany should rather consider which of the proposals are also in the German interest. Private Christoph von Marschall, the diplomatic correspondent of the daily newspaper “der Tagesspiegel”.

Or what the Germans called for may expect in return from France. “But we should at least be more open to the French wishes to make a change and find compromises”.

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