pesticides and also the use of the plant protection product glyphosate are strong in the criticism. To The Right. Finally, the substances are considered hazardous to the health of the people. Frightening is the Search of the ARD magazine “Monitor”: The editors have found out, that on the market of pesticides in circulation, which are highly toxic.

Almost every fourth pesticide is authorised in the EU via a derogation. Including highly toxic substances which are under suspicion, the human nervous system to attack and also be a carcinogen. These substances are operated both in agriculture, in Gardening, as well as in private households.

The toxicologist Hermann Kruse (formerly University of Kiel) confirms to “Monitor” that some substances are more toxic than glyphosate. But why the pesticides are still on the market?

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potatoes should be washed, just because you are charged from conventional farming, with pesticides, but also because they can be directly dug from the earth and, therefore, still a lot of Dirt on them sticks.

© highly toxic pesticides on the market, because authorities are too slow to work

The answer is as banal as it is terrifying: The authorities are working just too slow. 112 of a total of 489 substances are currently only with the authorisation of the extension, i.e. without the otherwise required completed re-examination to the effect and possible toxicity of the substance on the market. The only derogation possible. The authorities are working to slow, the EU-regulation for an extension until the active ingredient may be re-examined.

the authorities in Germany are working so inefficient, is because the approval process of all four authorities to take care of. No wonder, then, that highly toxic pesticides in the administrative jungle through slides. Of the EU, Germany has been criticised already for this. On average, the German authorities need six Times longer for approval processes, as in the EU regulation.

On request of the “Monitor,” stated the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture, the “time limit of the problem” is already solved. Nevertheless, Since 2016 22 active substances have been extended without justification. According to the experts, at least nine substances that should not be allowed due to their toxicity.

The whole “Monitor”broadcast, you can here