The Belgian actress Désirée Viola is Friday at the age of 26 died. That is Saturday by her father and his employers published.

The actress was in the Netherlands known for her role as Fien Poirier in New Times, a spin-off of Good Times, Bad Times.

In Belgium, had many children of her as princess Rose of the Studio 100 series Prinsessia on tv channel Ketnet. Also, she played in the Belgian jeugdsoap Galaxy Park. About the cause of death is still not known.

The father of Viola, Patrick Breugelmans on Facebook posted a message about the death of his daughter: “Yesterday, life as we know it stopped. Desiree was the light, our sun, our star, our princess… A daughter of the thousand. There are no words for this sadness, only tears. We want everyone from the bottom of our heart thank. For support and comfort, for all expressions of sympathy. Everyone asks where we can help, the answer is simple: love her such as she was, think of her as she was, create a golden edge around your memories. Sleep tight, little princess of our hearts.”

“We are shocked by the sudden death of Désirée Viola”, responds Studio 100 at the time of death. “She was a talented actress and a very fine and enthusiastic colleague. Our thoughts go in the first place off to her family and friends.”

Also transmitter Ketnet says, startled. “They will forever be a part of the Teen-family.”

Sleep tight, little Princess.

AvatarAuteurstudio100Moment of plaatsen10:31 – december 8, 2018