check daily posts on reliability. Assertion: “Clothing with the smell of your partner wearing, helps against stress”.

do you have a sweater of your partner? You can have that, according to Panorama and The Latest News to make sure that you are less stressed, touch. This would be because the clothing to your partner smells and this has a calming scent.

Where does it come from?

The story that clothing with the scent of your partner is good for your mental health might be, is not new. Also, Metro and RTL News wrote at the beginning of this year.

The reason was a just published research by the University of British Columbia in Canada. In the study were 96 women with a male partner. The partners was asked to shirt 24 hour long wear, and then hand it in to the researchers. Then there were the shirts frozen to the smell as well as possible to keep and it was only at the start of the experiment, they were again taken from the freezer.

The women were divided into three groups. One group smelled a unworn shirt, one group at a shirt worn by a stranger, and one group to a shirt that is worn by their partner.

Before the women on the shirt smoking, the cortisol levels in their saliva measured. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, called. In stressful situations, people make more cortisol. There was also a questionnaire measured how much stress they experienced.

After the women a number of times, the shirt that they was given had smelled, was told that they have a nepsollicitatiegesprek had to run. They had five minutes to get to the call to prepare. Also after the interview to smoke the women several times to the shirt.

Less stress for the shirt partner

A job interview, even if it is fake, leads to stress. But the women on the shirt of their partner had smelled, experienced before as well as after the nepsollicitatiegesprek less stress than women who to a shirt of a foreign or an unworn shirt had smelled. The cortisolniveaus of the women who are in an unworn shirt, or the shirt of a partner had smelled, were similar. The participants to the shirt of a strange man had smelled, had a higher cortisol levels than the rest.

In the study, was chosen for women, because women are more aware of smells than men. The women studied were all in the same phase of their menstrual cycle. According to the researchers, follow-up studies are needed to investigate whether the found effects also apply to women in any other phase of their menstrual cycle, for men and for example partners of the same sex.

What do we know about smell and stress?

Ilya Croijmans, geuronderzoeker at the University of Utrecht says that the relationship between (sweat)smell and stress more often has been investigated. “For example, there are indications that it is possible that a person’s sweat contains information about how stressed this person is.”

Croijmans only knows no other study of the effect of the scent of the partner and stress level. But it seems to him not unlikely that the smell of a shirt that a partner behave more relaxing to work with than an unworn shirt. “We know that familiar scents stress decrease. In research with infants was discovered that the smell of breastmilk from the own mother made sure that babies were much calmer at the time that they have a heel prick test had.”

“Also in adults, we see that a familiar smell for more relaxation. This may be the smell of a well-known, but also the scent of lavender and tea may be relaxing. Probably this is because familiar smells and a familiar context, which makes you less alert. We do not know whether the scent of a partner is more relaxing to work with than for example the smell of lavender.”

Men sweat more, women smell better

In the Canadian research smoking only women to the shirt of their partner. It is to be expected that men respond differently to the scent of sweat from their partner than women? Croijmans explains that we know little about the possible differences between men and women.

“Men sweat more than women, while women are generally more aware of smell. For this reason, in research to sweat usually, men are asked to sweat donors and women to the sweat to smell. And is therefore little explored whether there is a difference between men and women.”


It is quite possible that you are less stressed, feel like you the smell of your partner smells. This is probably due to the fact this smell a familiar scent. Also other familiar scents can make you calmer.

Or the smell of a partner’s stress stronger decreases than, for example, the smell of coffee, we don’t know. We also do not know whether there is in this area, differences between men and women exist.

We rate the statement, “clothes with the smell of your partner wearing, helps against stress” as most likely .