It takes a while for skating on natural ice, but it is december and that means a novice schaatskoorts. It is not always sure how well it will freeze, but there are a few artificial ice rinks in the open air where you are anyway answered.

Since the winters somewhat warmer, ice skating on natural ice and rarer. “While ice-skating in our DNA,” says Carl Mureau of the schaatsbond KNSB. “Dutch children learn often first to walk, bike and swim, and skate.”

According to research firm Nielsen Sports 3.2 million Dutch schaatsfan and skating a half a million compatriots on a regular basis of the 23 artificial ice rinks in our country.

Reclaimed water

There are in the Netherlands a few alternatives, that are even closer to skating on natural ice: artificial ice-skating rinks in the open air (see summary below). One of them is Flevonice in Biddinghuizen. This track is 3 kilometers long, instead of the usual 400 meters. The job is frozen by the coolant in small tubes to pumps, says Maarten van der Ven, general manager of Flevonice. “That is to a temperature of -6 to -12, which freezes. Then, water is over sprayed.”

Why are there so few artificial ice rinks outside? “It costs a lot of money and effort”, according to the KNSB. “In the summer, you can’t do anything with such a job.” The rink of Flevonice is from december to march, and for the remaining time a solution is found through sports activities to organize, such as an obstacle run, go-carting and games. “Skating is not an easy business,” says Van der Ven.

Small ijsbaantjes popular

Or, by the less cold winters also have more long artificial ice rinks come out, doubts whether Van der Ven. “I think that especially smaller ijsbaantjes in the centre of cities. There, investment is lower, and the costs can be easier by a municipality to be worn. I think that the youth now on these rinks, the first experiences.”

Mureau continues to skate on natural ice the most. “The wind through your hair or your hat, which is very different than indoor skating. Hiking do you prefer the outdoors than in an indoor hall.”

Flevonice – Biddinghuizen

The longest skating rink in the nature is Flevonice, which you 3 km through the nature can just. The rink is known to have the longest ice skating rink in the world in the open air. The track goes through meadows, reeds and forests, and possibly you can between the green a deer spotting.

Where: Biddinghuizen, Flevoland, When: 1 december to 3 march Price: ranging from 4.50 for children up to 14.00 for adults More information Jaap Eden ice Rink in Amsterdam

This ice rink in Amsterdam is 400 metres long, lined by trees and green grass in the middle. The job is already in 1961 opened. There are also marathons ridden on the ice. “This job is pure nostalgia and history, and was the first outdoor arena in the Netherlands”, says the KNSB.

Where: Amsterdam When: from 13 October to 24 march Price:ranging from 4,70 for children up to 7,70 for adults More information ice – skating Rink – ‘Paleis het Loo’

At Palace het Loo may not be a long job, but you can still have ice skating in the open air. And not just the open air, but with a view on the in the christmas spirit decorated Stallenplein of The royal Palace het Loo. On the track on Saturday morning is also free of charge trainings.

Where: Palace het Loo, Apeldoorn, the netherlands When: december 15 to January 6, Price: 7.50 for adults More information Glanerbrook Geleen

The only outdoor track in the province of Limburg is to be found in Geleen. In addition to an indoor hall, the sports and recreation centre also a ice skating rink of 400 meters long. Children from the age of five and adult can also have a les; useful before you have a natural ice rink will take.

Where: Geleen, Limburg When: from late October to march Price: 5,50 euro More information See also: Special ice-rinks where you can (soon) a skating Call Skate you inside or outside? And what do you like the most?Leave your comment aft the article.