In the French Film “first name” from the year 2012, a real estate broker shocked his left-wing intellectual friends in a shared meal with the news that he and his wife have decided to give their son the name Adolf.

The Other try to take him from his pursuit, because, for them, Adolf is a through and through contaminated Name. After all, the worst war criminal of all times was called the German “Führer” Adolf Hitler . In front of the spectators as comical as bitter Comedy plays itself out, until the movie finally takes an unexpected end.

Long, Adolf was a popular Name for

is The given name Adolf or French Adolphe was not frowned upon-not only with our neighbors after the end of the third Reich, in the Land of the perpetrators, only very few mothers and fathers gave their sons this name. This used to be quite different. Already before, in Germany, a “leader” with the first name Adolf seized Power, was of this Name for a long time great popularity.

After Hitler came to Power, took the Name but again a big boom. This is particularly true for the years 1933/34 and 1937. In the second half of the year 1933, a few months after Hitler’s “seizure of power”, were more than three percent of all the then-born young German missed the first name of the “leader”. This was probably due to the initial euphoria, or the opportunism of many Germans after Hitler’s “seizure of power”.

The war had consequences for the naming of

The thrust of 1937 could also stem from Hitler’s great popularity the year before, when he could be screws , among other things, by the Olympic games in Berlin, and his Reputation once again. In the following months and years, although there were fluctuations, but overall, the popularity of the Name remained on a fairly high level. The frequent award of this name was a clear reference to the great popularity of Hitler in many Parts of the nation.

Until 1942. This year, more and more German dawned, that of Hitler from the fence broken the war could end in a disaster. With consequences for the naming of the newborn: From now on, the share Adolf crashed at all the boys first names constantly. In the second half of 1945, immediately after the end of the war, it was about 0.2 percent. The historian Götz Aly from the “Adolf-curve therefore speaks” – the greater the Prestige of Hitler was, the more frequently it is also his first name was used. And Vice-versa. PDF With this first name is your child successful! Our PDF guide shows you the most popular children’s names and how they are the future of your child can shape. Also: How children are allowed.To the PDF guide

Uncatchable at No. 1, Horst

Adolf the top, however, was not by far the leader among the boys ‘ names. Square one held a other Name: Horst. Already for a long time it was a case of the parents is a popular first name. 1932 had to get him almost as many young, like a year later, Adolf. But in the first year of Nazi rule, the proportion of the Named Horst doubled to almost six percent. This is an enormously high number. For comparison: in Germany, the most popular Name for boys in the year 2016, Ben, made it to not even two percent.

Horst was an indicator: Because many parents chose him from 1933, based on the 1930’s by Communists and murdered in the Berlin of the Hitler youth Horst Wessel. Joseph Goebbels made his death an absurd propaganda show, the title of the official Nazi party anthem the Horst Wessel song was””. The result was that Horst is by far the most popular boy’s name in Nazi-Germany. Because many of the parents wanted that their son would be like Wessel of the Nazis, was presented: to be honest, strong, smart, masculine and, above all, a staunch Nazi.

Many parents remained at Otto

Otherwise, the names were popular in Germany, the parents had given their sons in the decades before. After the founding of the German Empire, there was a broad allusion to the name of German rulers such as Ludwig, Friedrich, or Wilhelm. Or Otto, as a reference to the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, and many of the parents remained even now. Names of Christian saints such as Mathias, Peter, John or Nicholas, who had enjoyed up till then had great popularity, and fell back against it.

the old Germanic names were often chosen. Hermann was able to increase its popularity even more, because the Name reminded us of the old Hermann the cheruscan, who had defeated in the year 9 after Christ the Romans in the famous varus battle. This is another Name for strength, masculinity and the will to win. Very pleased to see the vain Hermann Göring was particularly.

“non-German” names were only in the exceptional case

allows The NS-Regime favored short, simple Germanic names such as Dietrich, Ulrich, Erwin, Armin, Winfried, or Waldemar. Nordic names were desired in the case of the national socialists, but only if you could easily be in the German language insert. “Children of the German people to get enjoyed first and foremost, a good German surname,” it said expressly in 1942 in a standard work on the naming.

English, it should go in any case, as well as a round of the rich let the Ministry of the interior in 1938 made it clear that it was determined that “non-German name of” children of the German state were allowed to pair to be selected only if you have a specific reason to justify.

Göring named his second daughter Edda

In a long-term comparison for the town of Gerolstein shows that between 1810 and 1980, the share of German first name was never so high as at the time of the third Reich. However, he was also at that time, never higher than 40%. It has not however referred to sometimes, is also widely used biblical names like Paul, as “English” even though they were actually, if you put the NS-ideology.

the girl, such a “German” name. Edeltraud, Ingrid, Uta, Ingeborg, Erika, Helga, Gertrude, Ursula, or Sieglinde were more and more modern. Hermann Göring made it before and called his second, the 1938-born daughter Edda. The daughters of Joseph and Magda Goebbels were dutifully Helga Susanne, Hilde, Holdine, Heidrun Elisabeth, Hildegard Traudel. Only a daughter Hedwig gave a strange way, as a second name with Hebrew origin: Johanna (the son was Helmut Christian).

discrimination of Jewish children by the naming of

to be A Problem in the eyes of the Nazis was that many of them as “UN-German” appearing first name of Jewish origin, such as David or Adam in Germany were so widespread that it even not worth to ban them. A delimitation of the Jews that live in Germany would not have been possible. This name appeared also among the more than 350 Jewish names for girls and boys, which were intended only for Jews. By the naming of Jewish children should be discriminated against, in addition to, and excluded from society.

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