Recovering from addiction alone is challenging, and even more challenging if there are two of you. Many inpatient drug rehabs offer personalized treatment for alcohol and substance abuse for you and your partner. They will help you develop the skills to hold each other accountable and stay sober together. Couples inpatient drug rehabs welcome couples together, and when you walk into any of our facilities, you are family. We are committed to helping you and your loved one on the road to recovery. For more information or to get set up in a program together, contact us now.

If you’re looking for a recreation center to help you on your way to sobriety they are more options now than ever. If you live in Orange County, California, and are looking for a couple’s inpatient rehab, you can visit some of the best treatment centers in the country. It is the perfect place to reflect and renew oneself, which serves as an ideal place for couples.

A person who has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction can live in an outpatient rehabilitation facility, which allows the patient to continue living at home before entering a treatment facility. BCT can be complementary – specific advice or counseling for patients with substance abuse. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the partner of a substance abuse patient can also be treated with his or her partner.

Regardless of the format, scientific research has shown that partners who enter rehab together for drugs and alcohol report better outcomes than couples who only undergo individual addiction therapy, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

An Orange County Couples Inpatient drug rehab center can help you and your partner treat your addiction. If you are looking for a long-term treatment program for an addiction or mental health, there are many options in this area that enable a committed relationship.


Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) is aimed at married and cohabiting people seeking alcohol addiction and substance abuse. B CT treats clients who have been abused by substances together with their partner or with a partner.

Individual treatment is useful in solving substance abuse problems, but can also be overlooked or less focused on relationship issues. Relationship counseling and combined abuse treatment can be combined as well as individual treatment and rehab treatment for couples. This perspective can offer a more holistic approach to rebuilding relationships and a better understanding of the relationship. Couples outpatient drug and alcohol rehab provides a framework for life after treatment for couples who are starting clean, sober lives and need to break new ground.

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