Paragon Recovery Treatment Center Joins Forces With National Rehab Directory
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The search is over. Addicts and alcoholics have enough trouble trying to end the madness of addiction. The constant nonstop insanity, cravings, withdrawals and plead for help seems to have received a helping hand just in time for the new year which is bringing new laws both state and federally which will affect the treatment industry.

Directories for treatment centers, especially The National Rehab Directory, have made finding help for those suffering from addiction and family members seeking treatment for their loved ones  a whole heck of a lot easier. With just one click of a button, entering a zip code or near-by city, those seeking a remedy for their current state of mind, body and spirit can get immediate help. This may seem like a simple task but for those in critical shape the search for qualified, professional help can seem daunting.

A multitude of drug and alcohol centers, including Paragon Treatment Center, located in the beautiful area of Fallbrook California, have seen how the insurance industry has created the necessity for people seeking treatment to stay relatively close to home. Using a directory can be a big help.  It is clear to all in the industry understanding what the big, bad insurance companies have pretty much mandated. The power house insurance companies no longer want their paying customers to roam far from home. It is a simple financial matter for insurance companies, which in all truth, have taken a severe beating financially over the last several years and now they have firmly put both feet down and said enough is enough. To add to the new era of the treatment industry, state and federal laws are coming into effect January 1st, 2019, especially in California, which is taking and following suit of how the state of Florida has handled the mess of law breaking facilities and owners.   These laws are specifically designed to steer the insurance clients to treatment facilities close to home, avoiding having to pay high out of network costs to privately owned treatment centers. It all comes back to the bottom line, money, and as we know, the insurance companies control the banks in our country and are the most powerful institutions in our nation.

As a result of the upcoming changes with insurance policies and new laws, free directories have seen a huge surge in treatment centers listing their specialties, videos, pictures and information about what they offer,  to help the tormented addict. Treatment centers across the nation are taking action to secure their ability to keep their doors open. The  directory cost is free, which is enticing for the business owners  to claim their directory listing  or you can upgrade and take advantage, for low cost, the benefits of advanced marketing and advertising which helps the client educate themselves by reading the reviews and professional treatment each facility has to offer. addiction treatment centers across the nation see the writing the wall and have already seen the how their local ranking in their city and the ease of clients being able to find them, with little effort, can help them, help others.  This is really what treatment centers want, simply to help people get better. The New Year offers hope, with new regulations and laws that will help direct those seeking help, a safe and reliable means of obtaining a new life.

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