Maricopa County Sheriff
Maricopa County Sheriff

Authorities in Arizona have released a report that confirms that the two moms and dads who were detained for doing drugs with children in the car had been living out of the lorry for more than a week.

Cops say an officer stopped a car driven by 26-year-old Alfredo Paredes in a community near 32nd Street and Thomas Roadway after observing it break numerous traffic laws, consisting of failing to stop at multiple stop signs and intersections.

Paredes did not have any form of identification with him, and when officers looked for his name, they found he was driving on a revoked license and had an active warrant for DUI, according to a possible cause statement. Twenty-four-year-old Karla Millan, the mother of the two little girls, was in the traveler’s seat.

Paredes was taken in on the warrant and officers saw several pieces of aluminum foil with a scorched residue on the driver and passenger sides of the car and in both door pockets.

Authorities state the kids were barefoot in the back seat and not using restraints. Officers found numerous razor blades on the floor of the back seat in addition to more aluminum foil with burnt residue. Cops said the kids,  ages five and seven, had flies in their hair and assumed they had not been bathed in a minimum of two weeks.

The kids informed private investigators they had not eaten or drank anything in more than a day and were well aware of the parents doing heroin before spending time with them, according to the police reports.

After being driven to the healthcare facility for examination, they were found to be dehydrated, but no drugs were discovered in their system.

Paredes and Millan are behind bars, serving time for child abuse and drug charges.

The Phoenix Police Department, which is handling the investigation, referred to the fire department’s statement and provided no further details regarding the case.