International investors to invest in 2018, with a record of 2 billion euros in Dutch rented housing. That is a doubling of the amount of last year, woningmarktonderzoeker Capital Value Tuesday on the basis of research among fifty large investment funds.

at the Beginning of this year had 25 foreign investors in rental dwellings in the Netherlands in their portfolio. That number grew in the course of the year with seven investors. In total, this group of 32 investors are now about 45.000 houses in possession.

A large part of the capital in the coming years from Germany, the United States and Asia, and represents Capital Value.

the Netherlands is the most interesting country designated by the investors, followed by Germany and Belgium. The United Kingdom was in previous years at the top, but dropped now by the Brexit.

high demand for housing makes the Netherlands interesting

The reason that investors, the housing market here is so interesting, is the high demand for housing. Also the economic climate, the stable efficiency and the rate of population growth, determine the investors positively.

Foreign investors to invest in 85 percent of cases, with money from pension funds, and thus for the longer term. There is a decrease in the number of private investors.

75 per cent set in the homes for at least five years, and 25 percent even in a period of ten years or longer.

The interest of investors is expected in the coming time only, but further, the market researcher.

The surveyed investors say that they are for the next three years about 12 billion euros available for Dutch properties. That would amount to a potential purchase of approximately 50,000 homes.