Ronnie Flex is in Famke Louise in bed, Emile Ratelband and Johan Vlemmix are back in the news and Freek van Noortwijk found his fiance, Katja Schuurman, in the past, but nothing. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

We take you back to the end of October this year: Famke Louise puts an intimate photo of himself with rapper Ronnie Flex. In the photo the two in bathing suits on the edge of a pool and they hold each other’s hands. Finally, there was certainty, after months of rumors: this was to be a confirmation that they have a relationship.

But then came confusion, because Ronnie is a photo of an ultrasound shared. Will there be a baby? Is Famke than to become pregnant? Ronnie asked the media to be the mother of his unborn child, especially with rest, but said not to who it goes to. Of course, was immediately in all sorts of ways tried to find out who it should be.

Famke was not, as soon became clear. Because Famke did not get pregnant on her Instagram. Ronnie eventually came up with the redeeming word: Wafae Kefi, better known as dj Wef, is the mother of his unborn child.

But how was it with that zwembadfoto of Ronnie and Famke? Was that firing? Does this mean that Famke didn’t know? So many questions, so few answers. And the developments of this week have not been determined clearly.

Famke or Ronnie told is not how it was, but it caused even more confusion. Famke also shared on Instagram a video of a snoring Ronnie in bed. Was it her bed? They will share the bed? Or sent Wafea this video to Famke?

Ronnie still has no photo or video of Famke posted, is that also a clue? Is the love one-sided? Hopefully we will all ever know.

Courtroom or circus?

Sometimes you know it just really just not. That should be the judges in the cases of Emile Ratelband and Johan Vlemmix the past few weeks also happened. Flashing cameras and even a indistinguishable from a real pop came in the courtroom and out.

Emile wanted younger be, because he is not a 69 year-old feels. And Johan wanted to make dolls of Patricia Mine, and when it isn’t. But a lawsuit was there.

Both men know exactly how the entertainment media to play. The men get it every time again for each other to get attention, without that they really are still working in the entertainment industry. It Is no fountain of youth, then it is called a conversion. It Is not a sex doll of a famous Dutch person, then it is a house full of sekspoppen.

Peter R. de Vries joked in RTL Boulevard already that he is much younger feel than Emile, but emphasized especially that this is a nice little trick is to get the attention and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk called weeks ago that Emile mediageil.

Johan was not spared: he was at the Boulevard destroyed. Peter called earlier in the broadcast already that he would prefer to never more about Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong wants to have. Then it was Johan, who this week announced Patricia Mine to want to sue, the brunt of it.

“This man is alive for negative energy?”, early Miljuschka Witzenhausen. “Maybe we should agree that we never read more about Johan Vlemmix should have,” suggested Marieke Elsinga.

Emile has, however, already announced in the appeal to want to go in the verjongingszaak and Vlemmix is so plan Patricia for the right to drag. The circus in the court is going to continue for a while.

In the sheets: Gordon’s new ‘lover’ | Erica not on the leg “Totally not my type,”

Love at first sight is wonderful and beautiful, but many people will their partner say that they first were friends, that person’s first three times past are gone or just no attraction felt.

Freek van Noortwijk can have a say about it. Although he now can not get enough of his fiancée, Katja Schuurman, he had her in the past but found nothing. In conversation with Playboy was the chef, of course, asked about the photo shoot that the actress in 2002 for the magazine. He found the what?

“They wore in that time a lot of make-up, had those big earrings in and wore those ridiculous extensions. I love that not at all. I love very of breasts and buttocks, but they are still happy,” said Freek.

The photos of Katya has Freek fifteen years ago at the age of fifteen never seen, ” he says. “I have those photos only be seen after we have sex for the first time had been.” That first time sex was very rapid after the first meeting: fifteen minutes after the two “hello” said, they looked to the toilet for a slightly more intimate acquaintance.

Although Freek at the time, so not for her, he finds her very attractive. Next year, they give each other the ‘yes’. Their friends and family can than three days to enjoy good food and drink.

The first time that Frank told his parents about Katya, will be at the wedding will undoubtedly be discussed: he shared in the appgroep of the family immediately after his love affair with Katya the story. “My mother said the following day:” do you Want me never to 5.00 a.m. appen? You made me all worried.’ The content of the message, she went completely over.”